You will need
  • - solvent acrylic adhesive;
  • - white spirit;
  • - the cleaner of bitumen stains;
  • - degreaser;
  • - kerosene;
  • - rubber nozzle drill;
  • - vegetable oil.
Acrylic adhesive on both sides of tape can withstand temperatures up to 80 ° C and 100°, and at higher temperatures becomes soft and easily removed. Heat the surface with a construction or a conventional dryer. Then take the solvent for the acrylic adhesive, white spirit, bitumen stain cleaner, degreaser, kerosene and with the help of unnecessary rags remove the sticky layer. Please note that any products containing solvents can damage varnished or paint the surface (for example, it may become cloudy), so please carefully read the instructions on the package.
Heat the surface you can also use boiling water or hot steam, rinse the surface with hot water or hold it over a boiling pot of water. Then gently clean off razmyagchayuschiesya tape from the surface.
Use removal double-sided tape gasoline. Thus take the highly refined gasoline, for example, "zipovskoy" liquid for filling lighters. Apply gasoline with a cloth or sponge and rinse very quickly so as not to damage the paintwork.
Buy a special nozzle on a drill made of rubber, it looks like an eraser and is intended for removal of double-sided tape. It can help to remove the adhesive residue from the surfaces of any size without much effort and harm to the paintwork. If you need to get out the tape from the machine, find out about the availability of this service in the service station.
Look for special tools to remove the duct tape at hardware stores, they may be in the Department of sealants and construction foam. For example, try a spray for removing labels "Label Remover".
To remove the tape from the glass surface, use a cleanse glass. First, clean off the base with a utility knife, then wipe with a sponge wetted means.
Carefully remove the sticky layer without damaging the top layer with oil. To do this, take any vegetable oil, liberally oil the surface and leave until the next day. Then the softened glue residue, remove with a sponge or cloth. This cleaning method by double-sided tape well suited for painted surfaces.