Please note the price of the product. Louis Vuitton is a very expensive brand. Prices for bags start from 300 EU. And it is in Europe. If you offer a purse for 3000 rubles, you can be absolutely sure that it is a fake.
Carefully palpate the material from which the bag is made. The skin should be soft, pleasant to the touch, tightly stretched and uniformly colored. Most fakes are made of poor quality vinyl or hard leather.
Carefully inspect the seams of the bags - they must be small and very neat. They may not be traces of glue or loose threads. Examine the handles - the number of stitches should be the same.
Note the zipper - it can't be plastic. Zipper on Louis Vuitton handbags metal monogram.
Feel lining bags - original products, it resembles the feel of suede.
Examine the logo is the face of the House. Therefore, in the original bag, you will never see cropped or asymmetrically located letters LV. However, on some models, made from a single piece of leather, the letters can be flipped upside down.
Inspect the fittings. It should be located symmetrically and well secured. All metal parts of the bag must be marked Louis Vuitton or LV. Bolts located on the inner side of the original bagshave the form of six-pointed star. Louis Vuitton does not close the metal parts of new products with cellophane or cloth.
All bags of Louis Vuitton have their own code. More precisely, there are two codes, but the second one is internal - you can hardly detect. External code usually consists of 2 letters and 4 digits. If this is missing, this is a clear sign of forgery.
Pay attention to the packaging. The product should be wrapped in white paper and glue the labels. If the sticker has a rectangular shape, it should be written Louis Vuitton. If you all can stand the LV logo.
On the corporate package must be the inscription: LOUISVUITTON - MaisonFondeeen 1854 - Paris. If the package is written only LOUISVUITTON, it is a fake. Covers supplied with a bag that should have a light yellow or mustard color, to be soft to the touch, have a monogram Louis Vuitton.