What kinds of diseases can numb cheek

Common cause numbness of the face – a violation of nerve conduction. Such a violation can occur due to degenerative disc disease in the cervical spine, and also due to the inflammation of lymph nodes, causing them to visibly increase in size and press on nerve fibers. To deteriorate the conductivity maybe because of the trauma. In the most severe (and fortunately rare) cases, the cause of this phenomenon may be the growth of the tumor.

Complete or partial loss of sensation to the cheeks may occur as a result of stroke. Also numbness is often one of the symptoms of migraine. This disease is manifested mainly in the form of an excruciating headache, photophobia, weakness, irritability, vision loss. But in some cases, there may be additional symptom is numbness of the body. Sometimes it numbs not only the cheek but also the neck, shoulder and even the entire half of the body. Therefore, such an attack of migraine can be mistaken for a stroke.

Numbness of the cheek can also be caused by the development of the epileptic disease, vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension, diabetes. As you can see, the reasons for this phenomenon are many, so the self diagnosis is very difficult.

To what doctor to address with numbness of the cheek

Since the violation of the sensitivity of the skin, anyway, due to nervous conduction, it is first necessary to consult a qualified neurologist. He will carry out an initial inspection and give direction on required additional examination: CT scan of brain, x-rays of the cervical portion of the spine, etc. depending on the diagnosis it will choose the best method of treatment. For example, if it is determined that the numbness associated with migraine, it is necessary to choose the most effective pain medication and to keep it though, as migraines are, unfortunately, unpredictable.

It should be noted that self-medication for the numbness of the cheek can bring great harm to the body. Especially if it is caused by the development of oncological diseases. First, there may be loss of precious time. Second, some types of home treatment, like heating or massage, when such disease is strictly contraindicated!