For the accurate measurement of humidity hygrometers are used a household. If the device shows excess moisture characteristics of the air, so measures must be taken to lower the moisture level.
The easiest way to normalize the level of humidity is to ventilate the room in cold weather, even if the humidity of the air in the street is much higher from home. In the bathroom, the moisture content per cubic meter is significantly higher. So the cold damp air, once the room heats up and mixes with the air, lowers relative humidity.
The main source of humid air in the apartment can be unventilated rooms such as bathroom and toilet. Although the bathroom is provided with a hood, it can work not always correctly. Installation of the exhaust fan, circulating dry and moist air, will not be superfluous.
The kitchen is also necessary to provide the facility exhaust systems. To lower the level of humidity use air conditioning equipment - dehumidifiers air. Experts call them children. They are domestic, industrial and semi-industrial. The devices typically are installed where the humidity level is exceeded and adversely affects the equipment and health, forming mould, dampness and condensation.
To drain the air in the room will help the oil radiator, which will heat the room and dry up the moist air. If the radiator has a function built-in fan, it will speed up the process.
Recently popular use steel electric fireplaces that distribute heat evenly, warming the room and, respectively, dry moist air.
Finally, the installation of household air conditioning will allow to maintain a constant temperature and the right level of humidity in the air.