Let's start with the mods. It is desirable to remove or uninstall. Usually when you install modifications, you are prompted to read the instructions for installing, using, changing, and deleting mods and also offer to choose the folder in which they are installed. According to this statement, fashion uninstall. If the instructions do not remember, just locate the folder with mods (its title contains the word mod) and remove it. Can't hurt to check the Internet connection.

If Launcher does not work

Launcher is the control program responsible for the verification of the game client before starting the installation of updates for the start of the game. In World Of Tanks it looks like a pre-screen saver that displays the latest news and promotions, process updates, and more. If the strip updates and downloads does not pass, the "Play" button is not activated (not red lights) and in the Central window is not displayed any information, look for the reason in Internet Explorer.

To do this, start Internet Explorer. In the address bar type the address iexplorer.exe without the quotation marks. Click "Run" or press Enter. Then in the menu select "File" and uncheck the check mark beside "Work offline". If the menu is missing "File, click Alt.

If these steps do not lead to a positive result, in Internet Explorer, open "Tools" then "Internet options". In the opened window select "Advanced" in the window "Reset Internet Explorer settings" click "Reset" or "Delete personal settings". Then restart Internet Explorer.

If this does not lead to the desired result, please update or install Adobe Flash and Java components. As a last resort, it is recommended to reinstall Internet Explorer.

If not running client World Of Tanks

First of all, make sure that the settings of the computer meets the minimum requirements specified below. The computer is not corresponding, will simply not be able to run World Of Tanks.

- Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
- Processor (CPU): 2.2 GHz supporting SSE2 technology.
- Memory (RAM): 1.5 GB for Windows XP, 2 GB for Windows Vista/7.
- Video card: GeForce 6800/ ATI X1800 with 256 MB memory, DirectX 9.0 c.
- Audio-card: compatible with DirectX 9.0 c.
- Free space on hard disk: 16 GB.
Speed Internet connection: 256 Kbps.

Check that you have the latest driver version for your video card and install if necessary. Install DirectX latest version. Install library Visual C++ 2008 and Visual C++ 2010. Install all three versions of NET Framework: version 3.0, version 3.5 and version 4.0.

If you have problems with sound install driver for my audiocard.