Make sure that the system requirements specified on the cover of the disc with the game meet your. Often the reason that it pretty much becomes obsolete version of the operating system, the old or missing drivers for the video card and sound card. Be sure to update DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++. Defragment the disk, check it for viruses and any glitches with service Windows software.
Look on the installation disc “Readme” file and read it through. There are often contains information on possible faults that may occur during installation and startup. Also in the folder on your installation CD may be updated versions of the system drivers that you must install in the case does not start or has stopped running the game.
Remember, not exhibited if you own the game settings in the dialog box when it starts. If you put them too high or inappropriate for your hardware configuration, it may be the reason that the installed game doesn't run. In this case try to reset settings and put them correctly, or reinstall the game, if they lose access.
Think how recently you have applications installed in addition to the game. Pay special attention to antivirus software and different system optimizers: they can all impact on the performance of games and other applications. If you have something like that, remove or disable all unnecessary programs that are currently working in the background.
Run the game in compatibility mode with other versions of the operating system. Sometimes this method works, especially if you do not run old games. To do this, click on the application icon, right click, select the tab "compatibility Mode" and in turn expose appropriate settings, launching the game and testing its performance.
Search the Internet for any relevant information that will help you solve the problem of running the game. Use search engines, forums, developer site. At the last often unable to go the so-called patches or updates for the game, improving its performance and fixing the problems with the launch.
Please note on the cover of the installation disk. It should be a decree telephone number or e-mail for communication with Russian-speaking support. Contact the support center and explain your problem. Experts will tell you how to fix it or will recommend you to reset disk.
Please contact the store where you purchased the game by providing a check warranty, and game disc (it should not be scratches and stains). Explain that you do not run the game, and ask to return money or to change this disk to another. The sellers will check the game performance and will make the appropriate decision.