To remove the game client World of Tanks from my computer and all the components of this program will require only a few minutes. To perform the removal in several ways.
The first method – go to "start" and select "All programs." The window that POPs up find the folder "World of Tanks" and open it. Then click "Uninstall World of Tanks". This starts an automatic program that completely uninstall the game client and all related programs from your hard drive.
If for some reason the menu "All programs" folder, "World of Tanks" is missing, but the location of the game know, search your hard drive folder with the program and its components. As a rule, it is called World of Tanks. Delete the folder manually. Or open it, locate and run the file unins000.exe. File unins000.exe cause running the same Uninstaller that you used in the first method the removal of the game.
The third way – in the menu "start" or "My computer" select "control Panel". It – "add or remove programs" or "Programs and features", depending on your version of Windows. Then find the program World of Tanks and delete it. Don't forget to delete the rest of the program, the title of which is "World of Tanks".
In order to delete the temporary files and entries in registry that were created during the use of World of Tanks, clean the registry by using specially created programs. You can find them on the Internet. After complete removal of the game from the computer, make a defragmentation of the drive on which it was located. And restart the computer.
For many, the removal of the program and its components does not mean that they will no longer play. Account are forever stored in the database Wargaiming. At any time you can re-download the game client on your computer and continue to play World of Tanks since, with a stopped.
To remove the account, create a request to technical support on the official website of World of Tanks. Within 60 days, the company will consider the application and will delete the account.