You will need
  • - drawing paper or a piece of Wallpaper, the size is upon your request
  • -images of desired things: tangible and intangible
  • -its a photo that you like
  • glue pencil
  • -colored pens
  • -scissors
To start, take the drawing paper or sheet and visually divide it into nine sectors, starting from the upper left corner, as shown in the picture: wealth, fame, love and marriage, family, I and health, children and creativity, wisdom and knowledge, career, assistants, and travel. Take beauty magazines and start to cut out, pictures with the items that you like, according to these sectors. The picture should not be dark objects, and negative words or that you feel uncomfortable. It is better to find the right picture online and print it.
Setka bagua
The sector of wealth. In this sector we cut out all those images that you associate with wealth. For example, a picture of a house, car and bills. Be sure to "beat" image. Stick your photo and write "I'm driving my new car Toyota Camry." If we are talking about the home of your dreams, make the signature – " I'm in my house in France on the Mediterranean sea." Be specific in your desires, and sign that thing – that your. Indeed, it can happen that you get into your dream home, and it will not belong to you. This applies to all sectors.
The sector of fame. In this sector you paste a picture of the rewards that you want to achieve. It could be your photo on the red carpet with the Cup in his hands, promotions, awards, diplomas, and grants.The sector of love and marriage. If you already have a favorite person, you should stick a joint photo where you are happy. If you want to find love, then cut out the couple. Each sector can be your photo. The sector of the family. Here paste the photograph of your family or the one you want to create.
The sector of health. In this sector can use photos of slender body, healthy food. Be sure to sign everything that you want. Sector children and creativity. If you already have children then glue their photo and paste image desired hobby. If you are not yet ready to have children, then the image is not necessary.
The sector of wisdom and knowledge. For this sector can be cut from the picture library or bookcase, and then write about the knowledge you need. Never write "I want...", affirmations must say that you already have what you want. Sector career. Achieve the career ladder can be here and in the sector of fame.
The sector of helpers and travel. Suitable image of countries and their symbols (Eiffel tower, leaning tower of Pisa), as well as portraits of successful people from the spheres of activities, success in which you want to achieve. Make a collage so as not to have any empty seats. After you have made a treasure map, hang it on the South – East. Look at her and imagine that everything you want you already have. Wish you success and fulfillment of desires.