You will need
  • - notebook;
  • notebook;
  • - handle.
The desire innermost, cherished? You can't burn it on a normal piece of paper. Choose to dream the appropriate place. The magic book of desires suitable for this purpose at the time. To the fulfillment of a wish turned into reality, make it right. Write down the dream with his hand. The text should not contain the word "want". Precisely formulated the desire to bring in a special book. Make it colorful cover, use your imagination.
Go to the store, select your book the best, big, beautiful Notepad or notebook. The cover of the notebook should be solid. Well, if pages can be inserted and removed. Don't forget that the leaves in this notebook will be magical. Do not be shy and do not be greedy, choose what you really love. If the desire to "feel" your genuine concern, they will "try" to bring happiness to you as quickly as possible.
The first sheet beautiful sign in large letters. Insert colorful pictures. Decorate decor, importantly, to look at the phrase "Magic book of wishes" singing soul. Now it's time for the new settlers.

Settled here, their precious desires. Take this process seriously. You cannot write wishes, sitting on the windowsill during a break. Remember that you are now determine the direction of events in their lives. Instructions for actions should be clear and specific. The universe will begin to implement in the near future.
Buy special, unusual pen. Write to her in this book. Select to make desires certain hours, so that nobody is disturbed. In anticipation of the implementation of the desire inside should be a joy, and the sight of the picture in 3D format.
Highlight in the book sections of time. Write down the desires on the coming month, the coming year. The possibility of adding and removing sheets will come in handy again at this stage. And PSP desire – pulled sheet want more added. Not correct and cross out the desire. Only write what you actually want. Do not throw the magic book of desires far. Flick your dreams and pririsovyvat in mind their embodiment.