Why you need a tablet

To understand which tablet is good, you should first decide what it is. A few years ago in the everyday life of users used the phrase "graphics tablet". It was designed to input graphic information to computer. Wide dissemination of this gadget is not received. Currently under the tablet means a portable device that combines elements of a laptop and smartphone.

To choose and buy a good and cheap tablet, you should understand how it differs from other mobile devices, as well as how it functions you will use. Externally, the tablet looks like a large smartphone-driven touch screen (some models even have the ability to make calls to phone numbers of mobile operators using SIM cards). The device can connect wired and wireless mouse and keyboard that can go in the kit or purchased separately.


Which is better: a tablet or a netbook

More recently, the tablet was positioned on the market as touch screen netbooks, however, the first become very popular, occupying a separate niche, and the latter began to disappear from store shelves. If you are still in doubt, it is better to buy, a tablet or a netbook, then preference should be given to a tablet PC, because obviously failed more recently, a new portable computer, most of the major manufacturers have discontinued.


It is better to buy: a laptop or tablet

If you compare a tablet and a laptop, to make a choice here will help only those tasks that you set for the device. On your tablet you can play games, surf the Internet, check email, watch a movie and listen to music. It is distinguished by compactness and portability, installation of the SIM card. If you need a full computer for more complex tasks, from the purchase of a tablet should be abandoned in favor of a laptop. However, this device is not as compact as a tablet computer.


What a convenient tablet

As mentioned above, the tablet has many advantages over the latest smartphones, laptops, netbooks and other portable devices. It can be used for games, email and social networks, but will replace audio and video player, e-book, diary. Due to the large number of apps developed for tablets on IOS, Windows and Android, you can control the finances, make purchases, book tickets, book hotels, read horoscopes, etc.


How to choose a tablet in the parameters

To make a decision about which tablet is better to buy, you should understand which parameters have different models of distinction.

Tablet computers produces many firms. Since most of them have contractual obligations with developers only one operating system, with the choice of the manufacturer of the tablet should understand what software you want to use. Of course, if you already have other mobile gadgets, it is best to buy a tablet with the same operating system. Then you will not need to make sense of the new unfamiliar software, and the devices can be synchronized, shifting from one to the other required information. So, if you want a tablet based on IOS, the choice will be limited only to the brand of Apple, Samsung mainly produces gadgets for Android, Windows operating system often used by manufacturers Acer, ASUS, Samsung.

Among advanced users of tablets based on Android and iOS are more popular. To choose such a tablet is due to higher than Windows, range of useful games and applications. In addition, mobile devices with these operating systems, according to the majority of the users differ in stability and functionality.

To choose a good cheap tablet, after you decide with the operating system and the brand, pay attention to the functionality and performance of the device. They are distinguished by their technical characteristics.

The main part of the tablet screen. It is necessary not only for visualization, and is the command center of the tablet as it has a built in sensor that allows you to control the device without keyboard, but with your fingers.

The larger the screen, the review will be better, and easier to control. For daily use tablet for watching movies, reading books, playing games need a screen of not less than 9 inches diagonally. From the smaller tablet size can tire the eyes. However, small screens are some devices allow you to easily carry them with you and can be a great boon for people.

Different screens of tablets number of pixels. The more, the better the resulting image.

If you want to use a tablet computer for gaming, it is best to choose tablet control function "multitouch". It allows the device to read information about the concurrent taps in different places on the screen that in some cases it is necessary. sensor work should check in advance before buying. A good tablet should respond to your touch instantly and accurately.

If you decide which tablet is better to buy, be sure to consider what CPU is installed on the device. The higher the processor frequency, the more efficient is the device. Currently, gadgets are manufactured with multi-core processors. Accordingly, the more, the faster will run the tablet.

Performance is also affected by the amount of RAM in the device. Choose a newer model when purchasing. Even if you want to buy a tablet cheap, don't take a device with a small size of RAM, otherwise it will run rather slowly while using multiple applications and modern games.

It is important when choosing a tablet to pay attention to the size of the hard drive. The more data you are going to store on the gadget, the more memory you will need. Some tablets support the use of memory cards, thanks to them, you will be able to increase the amount of free space on the device. On any tablet must be at least 16 Gigabytes of internal memory, otherwise only has enough room for the operating system and minimum useful applications.

To choose which tablet to buy, it is worth considering your needs the Internet. If you are a regular Internet user and a frequent traveler, purchase a device that supports 3G. For users who plan to access the Internet from home via Wi-Fi slot for a SIM card may not need. The latter option usually costs less.

If the tablet has a slot for a SIM card of the operator, in most cases you can use your device for making calls. Please note this point before buying.

For people who love to take photos and shoot everything around, you need a powerful camera mounted on the device. Most often, tablets are not only the main camera on the back, but the front front. The latter is more often used for video calls and use some applications, this is enough for almost any camera. Special attention should be paid to the main lens. Cameras differ in the number of megapixels (the more, the higher the quality of the photo), the presence of flash, autofocus.

Below the tablet was the sound quality, you should opt for a model with a pair of speakers and stereo sound. If you are not going to listen to music, at this point, you can save a little.

Most tablets have a function of navigation and positioning. This is needed not only for routing but also for many applications, and search the device in case of loss. The tablet can be mounted receivers GLONASS and GPS. Significant differences in the quality of search no.

Active users in choosing and buying a tablet you need to pay special attention to the battery capacity, working time and full recharge. The optimal time of the tablet in offline mode – from 6 to 8 hours. If the device can work over a long period of time, it is likely that it will not have time to charge overnight.

So which tablet is better to buy, only you can decide. Focus primarily on your needs and don't forget about opportunities.