The advantage of these briquettes are low cost fabrication and ease. And also the fact that the product is widely used for heating in power plants and home furnaces. Due to the fact that the briquettes contain a large amount of air with oxygen, ignition will occur easier than that of lump coal. The calorific value is 5900-7600 kcal. Combustion of coal briquettes is uniform due to its homogeneity and solidity. The release of gases and smoke during combustion does not occur, and the ashes used as fertilizers.
Briquettes with organic cementing differ very much in quality from its counterparts, because their production takes place by hot pressing of coal and mineral powder. To improve the quality of the briquettes the raw material is subjected to carbonization at 4550 degrees. After this treatment, the char burns better, but requires a cycle of drying in the low temperature chamber.
The use of coal briquettes allows to save 30% of fuel, and their weight and shape enable to reduce the costs of transport and operating costs. And also this eliminates excess dust and dirt during storage, which are the main economic disadvantage of solid carbohydrates.