Search music videos

If we are talking about music videos, find them a lot easier than some abstract record. Remembering at least a few words of a song, you can try to find the clip on them. If the search returns no results, you can try to look for a song for these words in search, you will likely get the name of the songs or the full text. You can have the title to search the desired video on YouTube.

You can try to find music videos by artist name, if it is, of course, you know. Many modern musicians have their own channels where most of their clips, concerts and videos. It is sufficient to find the channel desired artist and look at the video gallery. Each video presented in this gallery with a freeze-frame, which sometimes allows you to get a rough idea of its content. If snapshots do not help, try read video descriptions, there is indicated generally useful information.

How to search other videos

If you are looking for is not a music video, this can be difficult. The first thing you need to determine the keywords on which you can find the clip. Look for the right video the easiest way is not on the whole phrases and individual words. If you remember what happened in the movie and can put this simple suggestion, you can try to use it.

Search for keywords and phrases, such as "cat dive" usually gives a few thousand results. You can filter by several parameters. For example, if you are sure that you need the video was short, look for it in the appropriate group. Other search criteria you can specify the time when it was uploaded, or rating. Need to weed out videos, use the Filters button above derived results.

If you have an account on YouTube and you watched your desired video from your computer or other device that is constantly connected to this service, the search is greatly simplified, thanks to the preservation of history. On the main page of YouTube in the left column above is the line History if you click it, you can get to the page where all you viewed video all the time while you were logged in on YouTube. Usually it's a pretty impressive number, which can be measured in the thousands. However, to quickly browse thousands of snapshots is much easier than searching for videos at random among millions of videos.