Sometimes I want to see the material several times, and often the video is so long that it is more convenient to download to your computer than to wait for a full load. But YouTube does not allow you to download videos and watch it online.
Today, programmers and web developers have already solved the problem of downloading videos from Internet sites. One of the ways to download YouTube videos is to use a special search service links to videos. It's services like Videosaver ( and SaveFrom (
Visit any of these sites, insert a link from YouTube where the video you want to download in a special lane to enter the link and press “Enter”. After this simple manipulation will appear on the screen one or more links, depending on the quality of the original video (320, 480, 720, HD).
The second method to download YouTube videos is to use specialized software-downloadare that "pull" video from web pages. One such program is Flash Video Downloader (
For users of Firefox and Opera, there are special plug-ins, made in the form of buttons that allow you to direct link to a file with the video being on YouTube. Unfortunately, these plugins often become outdated because of the change mechanisms and codes pages on YouTube.
And the final way is just to add a first ' roller two letters “S”. For example, you are interested in video is located at: Then, to download it click the link This service is described in the first method.