Before any beginner wishing to learn to play the guitar, the question arises, what kind of guitar to choose from. There are several types of guitars, each of which has its own characteristics and suited for different purposes.

Classical guitar

This guitar is also referred to as "normal". That tool is usually taught to play musical schools. Guitar classical type are of different size, to choose which you want based on personal preferences in terms of convenience.

On a classical guitar are usually set nylon strings, which because of its softness, is ideal for beginners and do not RUB your fingers. This guitar is easiest to learn how to clamp the first chords.

The wide neck of a classical guitar makes it easy and convenient to perform classical music.

You should pay attention to the fact that the fingerboard of a classical guitar is not too strong, so use it on any other strings, except for nylon, it is not recommended.

Acoustic guitar

The popularity of acoustic guitars is comparable to the popular classic. The main feature of this guitar is more crisp and loud sound.

On acoustic guitars are usually established metal strings, which at first difficult to get used to beginners because of their rigidity. Play acoustic guitar with fingers and a pick. Most acoustic guitars have a thinner neck than the classic tools.

Country, Blues, folk and many other types of music have been successfully performed it on acoustic guitars.

Choosing an acoustic guitar, it is worth remembering that the material from which the drum guitar may be different. It is not recommended to buy a guitar with a plastic drum because the sound of this instrument will be slightly fainter than the models with the wooden drum. You can also prefer the guitar, the drum which is made of high quality plywood.

Jazz guitar or electric guitar

This kind of guitar is intermediate between acoustic and electric guitar. It is possible to play not only as a simple acoustic, but with the connection of the amplifier. Usually, a guitar choose musicians, often giving acoustic live music.

Jazz guitars have a sonorous and loud sound even without amplifier. Salient features of tool are: holes for sound resonance, the shape is similar with the violin, the larger form of the drum and of the tool itself, as well as presence of volume controls and pickup selector.

Electric guitar

The guitar will suit the musicians who want to perform music in the style of rock and other heavy genres, as well as to play independently and as part of a rock band.

This type of guitar differs from the other in many parameters. The sound of the electric guitar is played not by instrument, but pickups and amps, which this tool is equipped.

The pickups convert the vibrations of the strings to the serial signals. Panel a guitar there are volume and tone. Unusual sound of electric guitars due to the sound processing with various effects.

Preferring the guitar, it is worth remembering that without an amplifier it will not work, and all the interesting sound effects work only using special guitar processors, which need to purchase separately.