Don't demand that the man marry you. Requests and threats only repel him. We must act discreetly, just pushing it and generating thoughts about marriage. Be tactful, not to listen to all my life "you told me".
Give him his freedom. Sometimes men avoid marriage because they are afraid to be imprisoned. If you control his every move, prohibit to relax with friends, not allowed to play computer games or watch football, he will not have the desire to be with you. No one wants to voluntarily put yourself in a cage.
Leave the wedding talk, veil, and limousines. Hearing from you is "I found a beautiful wedding dress" or "we'll order a cake in a candy store on the corner," he feels the pressure. If you made the decision for him and now just waiting for formal confirmation.
Do not use techniques like deliberate or fictitious pregnancy. Not all men triggered this method, and you can stay a single mother. And if it works, you will have to live with the idea that he proposed to you only because of your deception.
Create a positive image of marriage. Watch TV shows and movies with a happy family life. Socialize with friends families, where everyone is happy. Visit to his parents, if they have a good marriage.
Don't play the role and act natural. Some women trying to get married start pretending. Through the power of force myself to cook every day, taking all the chores on himself, I watch movies that don't like me, afraid to show real emotions and flaws. The man in this case can make an offer, but not to you, and the woman whose role you have played. And when you start to be yourself, a spouse may reconsider their views on many things. Sometimes it threatens to divorce.
Enjoy the moment. Do not rush things, because you love that person and want to be with him. So take care of it, love and show their best side. If you are sincere in your relationship, he'll notice and make an offer.
A pause in the relationship that he was lonely. Don't have to play a theatrical performance, and slam the door. Get together and live a couple of weeks in the mother or the girlfriend. Do not have to fight, think of an excuse – illness, help or just the desire to be together with family. For two weeks the man can swing thoughts on the bachelor life, when you realize how much you need him.
If all else fails and you can't wait any longer, be honest with one another. Sometimes relationships come to a standstill, when age is running out, and he doesn't propose. In this case, offer to discuss the situation. Find out his opinion about your future if he sees you together, does wedding and family. If a man will not be able to answer or will look for excuses, you will have to make a decision: or you determine the approximate date of the wedding, or break up.
Help the man to overcome fears and problems. After a Frank conversation, you can ask the reason for delay. A guy can be afraid of responsibility, then you need to instill confidence in him. To convince them that you're there and will help to overcome all difficulties. If the problem is finances, say that he agrees to a small wedding. A Banquet and anniversary, when there will be money. Show him that you are willing to work together to overcome all obstacles.