Pregnancy. Any normal, Mature and successful man wouldn't want his child growing up without a father. It's forcing him to marry you. If this feat you are not ready, it is possible to act in other ways.
Get to know his family. Let's see how the mom of your choice. If his relationship with his mother warm and trusting, we must learn from the style of her behavior, and most importantly to please her. Many men are getting married under pressure from his mother.
Definitely need to come to your family. A man looks, what are your family traditions and relationships. He must make a friend of your family. Then you can try to exert pressure from your parents.
If you live under the same roof, give him a comfortable life. Has to have it all washed, ironed, cleaned and cooked. Having thus lived, a period of time, it is possible to press or stamp, or leave. Not every man has the power to lose the warmth and comfort that you provided him.
Always keep a man in good shape. He should know that he could lose you. You have to like other men, and in every way to show her. After all, if he calms down, will think: where did she go, it is unlikely to make to legitimize your relationship.
Separate his interests. If a man will have something to talk to you, it may push him to marry you.
General Outlook on life and the same system of values also encourages a man to marry.
Show him that you are an independent person and can support myself without assistance. To helpless women, the man quickly loses interest. When he realizes that you can do without it, losing your relationship, life will not change, this also pushes him to legitimize the relationship.
And of course love. If a man is in love, it is the most powerful argument to marry him myself.