Advice 1: How to stop being rude

Temper brings a lot of grief as its owner and the surrounding people. Unrestrained people may say rude in a strong emotional impulse which you will regret.
How to stop being rude
Try to look at ourselves in the moment when you say another rude. Your face is certainly at this moment looks unattractive: eyes bulging, mouth twisted, the skin too red or pale. Think about it - being rude did not decorate.
Rate your mental state during his own rude statements: your emotions run high, the heart begins to beat more often, perhaps, begins tachycardia, and increased blood pressure. The body is suffering physically, it is unlikely you need it.
Control your emotions during a verbal altercation, shut up, imagine your enemy in the most terrible state in which he may sympathize with him – the anger will pass by itself.
Let us discharge your negative energy: start a pillow fight, do fitness or Jogging, etc. If you fall at home after a hard day of work or pleasure and the flow of energy, if someone quarrel, be careful – you can become an energy vampire. People who are in a similar condition, feel very unhappy, yet will not do the same for someone else.
Try it, when you want to say another rude, imagine that you have a gag in his mouth, or that he taped, and you can't say a word. Or make it a rule to count to ten when you want to be rude. Perhaps during this time, the anger will pass.
Cultivate kindness, positive attitude to the world, accustomed to respect someone else's position. Remember that rudeness is the lot of the uneducated bile of people that you are above such signs of bad character.
Learn to not reply to rudeness with rudeness. This art rarely possess, which is why it is highly valued by most people. Be able to restrain themselves, to be master of your emotions – this alone brings the respect of others.

Advice 2: How to become a vampire

Increasingly in modern society, becoming popular fascination with a particular subculture. Currently, some young people join the Gothic subculture, and the prerogative particularly desperate among them is the fascination with vampirism and all that it involves.
Become a vampire, but not really, on a subconscious level

Do I need to become a vampire?

Constant adaptation and printed novels about vampires in some way romanticised these creatures in the eyes of modern society. While some people ask whether there are vampires in fact, others think more globally – how to become a vampire! People who want to become a vampire in real life, sometimes themselves are not fully aware of the reasons for their insane desires. Moreover they are not even aware that this process is irreversible. At least, so say the esoterics and other professionals involved in black magic. However, until now, was not officially recorded any case of transformation of man into a real sucker. Interestingly enough, this does not prevent some people to live like vampires!

How can you become a vampire?

Experts in black magic claim that in its closed sections are not available in the public domain, as well as the satanic Bible there are certain rituals that allows an ordinary person to turn into a vampire. To argue this is, of course, useless, but if that is so, then why is it still in the world there is no one who would live only at night, ate only blood, and, of course, never died? Apparently not so effective these rituals! Psychologists say that the transformation of a human into a vampire through black magic and other anti-Christian methods occurs rather on its psychological and subconscious level than on the metaphysical.

In other words, people are treated by certain magical rites, so much brainwashed his desire to become a vampire that subconsciously begin to behave like these bloodthirsty creatures. Such people change their appearance – let go of the hair, repaint them in black, grind their teeth in the form of fangs are in the eyes fancy contact lenses, arrange night trips to the cemetery and, of course, drink for Breakfast, lunch and dinner blood. But not human, pork, beef or lamb. Of course, one can not eat blood, so these "vampires" eat like all people, but carefully trying to hide this fact by claiming that they live only at the expense of red blood cells.

Basically, if this state of Affairs suits them, then why not? If you like to live as a vampire, please! There is a perception that to become a vampire, you can use curses: the man who heartily wished some bad things, supposedly becomes a potential contender for the vacant place of a vampire. Another way by which you can become a bloodsucker. It is obvious and simple: to become a victim of a real vampire! As you know, the bite of a vampire is the way to go to become like him!
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