Try to look at ourselves in the moment when you say another rude. Your face is certainly at this moment looks unattractive: eyes bulging, mouth twisted, the skin too red or pale. Think about it - being rude did not decorate.
Rate your mental state during his own rude statements: your emotions run high, the heart begins to beat more often, perhaps, begins tachycardia, and increased blood pressure. The body is suffering physically, it is unlikely you need it.
Control your emotions during a verbal altercation, shut up, imagine your enemy in the most terrible state in which he may sympathize with him – the anger will pass by itself.
Let us discharge your negative energy: start a pillow fight, do fitness or Jogging, etc. If you fall at home after a hard day of work or pleasure and the flow of energy, if someone quarrel, be careful – you can become an energy vampire. People who are in a similar condition, feel very unhappy, yet will not do the same for someone else.
Try it, when you want to say another rude, imagine that you have a gag in his mouth, or that he taped, and you can't say a word. Or make it a rule to count to ten when you want to be rude. Perhaps during this time, the anger will pass.
Cultivate kindness, positive attitude to the world, accustomed to respect someone else's position. Remember that rudeness is the lot of the uneducated bile of people that you are above such signs of bad character.
Learn to not reply to rudeness with rudeness. This art rarely possess, which is why it is highly valued by most people. Be able to restrain themselves, to be master of your emotions – this alone brings the respect of others.