The defective ignition switch

Electrical equipment is very fragile vehicle system consisting of many components and techniques well-known trouble for many motorists. Even a single disconnected contact to create a lot of problems. And the situation when the vehicle does not start, is familiar to nearly every driver and always makes nervous.

One of the reasons in the domestic car VAZ 2104 in the above situation may also be a faulty ignition switch, if, for example, burnt contacts. In addition, it must be replaced in such trivial cases when lost or broken key, and, indeed, the mechanism itself of the ignition switch is not very reliable. Damaged the mechanism is not able to perform their direct function of the circuit breaker to close the contacts and, accordingly, to convey the command to start the engine.

Tools for removing ignition lock

The ignition switch on the "four" is located on the left side of the steering wheel under the instrument panel of the vehicle. It is fixed on the bracket holding the steering gear. Usually, in order to replace the ignition switch requires a simple tool. Two screwdrivers for these purposes is fine. One cross, the other as small as possible. Instead of the last it is possible to use awl. And, of course, don't forget to purchase an auto in the new good lock.

Check the ignition switch

If available in your Arsenal multimeter contact group of the lock can be tested for proper operation. For this purpose the terminals of the device are connected alternately to the contacts of the lock corresponding to each individual key position. Normal resistance should tend to zero.

How to replace the ignition switch

When replacing the ignition lock, the vehicle needs to comply with strict sequence of actions. It is obligatory to remove the "minus" terminal of the battery, then set the ignition key to position "0" (in fact it will be positioned horizontally).

The next step unscrewed the fixing screws of the plastic casing of the steering column of the vehicle. Part of the casing separated and you can start removing the ignition switch. In the "classic" it is held by two screws. When these screws are turned, a thin screwdriver or awl through the hole in the bracket should gently press on the lock and disassemble it from the landing mounts.

Terminal contacts are removed from the old lock and connect the new. Setting the correct ignition switch and Assembly of the plastic housing of the steering gear are made in reverse order.