Common causes increasing the night temperature are hidden inflammatory processes in the body. Subsequently, they develop and, if not timely treatment, the syndrome can develop into a serious disease. To reveal the hidden inflammation help only laboratory tests of blood and urine.

Another cause of uncontrolled temperature are considered to be a viral disease or infection. Among the most dangerous – HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis C. Diagnose the cause of the elevated temperature could only by a qualified technician.

Not less common reason for rising in the evening hours the temperature is recognized in chronic fatigue syndrome. Excessive stress, lack of good sleep and productive rest, constant nervous breakdowns or feelings cause the body no time to recover. Increased temperature he indicates fatigue. In order to overcome the syndrome, it is necessary to drink a course of vitamins or immunomodulatory drugs, as well as carefully plan the mode of rest and work.

In addition to the above reasons, lead to an increase in temperature in the afternoon and evening can residual effects from previous conditions. To prevent the next increase of this indicator is possible only in the case of prolonged rest and sleep. It is also recommended to drink herbal infusions to strengthen the immune system, or a complex of vitamins.

And in the end it is worth noting that body temperature can be increased if you experience side effects from the regular medication or a constant inhalation of any toxic substances. In this case, be sure to follow your condition after taking the drugs, it is also desirable to know their contraindications. May need to be changed to safer medications. In that case, when a person buys new furniture, equipment or picks up the dry cleaning items brought in house items can contain toxic substances that cause Allergy, runny nose, cough or fever.

Watch your health and General well-being, do not self-medicate, and immediately contact your doctor, then causes increased night temperatures can be quickly identified and addressed.