Care for oily skin

Oily skin needs special care. Characteristic luster, appearing on its surface as a result of improper operation of the sebaceous glands, can be masked with cosmetics. But in this case you will not be able to achieve long-term effect. Matt skin you need to begin the process of taking care of her.

Before you start applying makeup, wash your face using a special gel for oily skin. Next, you have to wipe the face tonic or lotion.

Preference should be given to energizing means, comprising adsorbing microparticles. They are able to absorb excess sebum, which ultimately significantly increases the time interval over which the skin remains matte after washing and wiping a tonic.

In sale there are also special cosmetic wipes with adsorbents. Many cosmetic companies manufacture them for many years, and they are in constant demand.

Decorative cosmetics for oily skin

Holders of oily skin should be more carefully to choose the means of decorative cosmetics. To give the face a matte finish you can use Foundation for oily skin and powder, which can give the face a uniform matte finish.

When choosing shades or powder in the store, you need to carefully examine the information specified by the manufacturer. There should be written that the powder or concealer creates refreshing skin. It is composed of special particles, can instantly absorb excess sebum. While the Shine from the face disappear and does not appear again for quite a long time.

Matting means of decorative cosmetics, as a rule, slightly dry face. That's why they don't use to owners of dry or normal skin.

It is important to remember that a bad battery can cause the skin look dull, lifeless, lacking a healthy Shine. To remedy the situation helpful for the application on the cheekbones a small amount of blush with minute sparkling particles. Instead of blush you can DAB on some parts of a face highlighter, illuminating the skin from within.

The winner of the combined type individuals may apply matting powder only on the nose, forehead, chin. These areas are distinguished by their enhanced sebaceous glands. Top with powder all over face translucent powder with a subtle satin finish.