In the heat increases sweating and sebaceous activity. The dust that falls on the face, turns into the tube, clogging the pores of the skin. Salty sweat increases irritation. In the end, I can escalate all the problems, which affects people with oily skin. To avoid this, carefully monitor the cleanliness of the face, neck and decollete.
For cleansing, you can prepare a lotion that successfully removes the dirt and heal the inflamed areas of the skin without drying it. Brew in a thermos Cup boiling water tablespoon of flowers of chamomile, calendula, oak bark or sage. In the finished cooled infusion add a teaspoon of glycerin and 25 ml of salicylic or boric acid. Every night wipe your face with a cotton swab dipped in this lotion.
In the heat of the skin is particularly in need of hydration. In the morning wash with infusion of Linden flowers, sage, mint. You can freeze the infusion in the molds for ice or in a plastic Cup and wipe the skin with ice. After washing, do not wipe – let the healing moisture will be absorbed into the skin.
Heed to the choice of the cream. Nourishing creams for oily skin is better to apply in winter and spring. Summer in the heat, after evening cleansing, apply on skin light moisturizer. In the morning, before going out, use protective cream with SPF not lower than 15.
If you feel that after a long stay in the sun do you burn or skin, take care extra care of her. On the face, neck and décolleté after cleansing, apply a mask of grated cucumber, wipe the skin fresh whey, or yogurt. You can use a cream or lotion, after sun – they will remove the unpleasant burning sensation and will soften the charred skin.
Perfectly soften and refresh oily skin mask of strawberry, raspberry, cherry. Apply a mixture of berries and milk after the evening washing the face, neck and décolleté for 20-25 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Tightens pores and improve the color of oily skin face mask of tomato and fresh yogurt. Great cosmetic the pulp and juice of melon and watermelon. Add a teaspoon of starch or flour from cereals rolled oats and apply the resulting slurry to the skin.