The problem with many girls is that they do not even know what their skin type or think is wrong. Therefore, those who believe that they have a non-greasy, and dry skin, start to buy the cream or mask for dry skin, and they, in turn, very thick and oily and it will only add fuel to the fire. The skin will only fatter and zits on it will be more. So first we need to define correctly what is your skin type. For this you can go to the doctor or the beautician, and he will tell you everything. Or buy in a drugstore special tests, which will also help you figure out what your skin type.

Then you need to think about how to solve the problem with oily skin. First, you need to purchase a foam or means for removing makeup for oily face. They will skin a bit dry, which in the end will make it less oily.

It is important every time you came home from the street, to go to the bathroom and wash off makeup and wash. If then again you need to go somewhere, you better necesites again. It is best to buy different lotions and foam cleanser. Tar soap also helps with the problem of oily skin and cope with acne.

Face masks must be purchased for oily skin type and do them at least twice a week. Plus, it should not be one and the same mask, but a few different. Use them in different days with an interval of a day. It is important to wash off. Before sleeping it is best to use a moisturizer. Most importantly, do it regularly.

You must watch their hands and not to touch your face a hundred times a day. Best of all, as often as possible to wash their hands, but even if they are very clean, still try not to touch your face with your hands.

Using all these tips, you will notice that even with oily type of face can look good and almost not worry about it.