The owners of oily skin want to wash as often as possible, but using ordinary soap, it is easy to overdry. If hygiene is insufficient, the excess sebum and dead skin cells clog pores, which can cause inflammation. Stick to the Golden mean would be more correct:

1. Wash in hot water is not recommended more than once a week, for example "bath day". Hot water may exacerbate the sebaceous glands, thereby expanding the pores. After taking a hot relaxing bath, it is recommended rinsing with cool water. This will improve the skin tone, "calm" the sebaceous glands and narrow pores.

2. In the remaining days to wash better with cold water.

3. As a cosmetic cleanser best suited specialized tools. You can also use infusions of chamomile, calendula and St. John's wort (1 teaspoon of herbs pour boiling water (1 Cup), cover with a lid to use after cooling). These herbs have antiseptic and not allowed to breed disease-causing bacteria.

4. Useful when cleansing, facial massage with a soft brush. This procedure will accelerate the blood flow, the cells will get more food. Using a small amount of cleanser with gentle circular motions, massage the entire surface of the face. After the massage, the face also rinse with cold water.

5. Oily skin after washing your face you need to moisturize. The lack of moisture stimulates the sebaceous glands to hard work. For humidifying it is convenient to use non-greasy creams, but if you have free time, you can use it and homemade masks. There are a lot of recipes.

For example, the mask of banana pulp with honey and orange juice. The skin will get a number of vitamins, and thanks to the antiseptic properties of honey will reduce the inflammation. Apply the mask on face for 15-20 minutes, it's time to relax and think about something pleasant. To slow the drying of the mass and hold it on the face, you can use a piece of gauze with slits for the eyes and nose. Wash off the mask with cool water better. 6. Also applied the oil to damp after cleansing the skin retain needed moisture. A small amount of oil is rubbed lightly into the skin, the surplus should wet cloth.


The owners of oily skin is necessary to refuse from eating a large amount of fatty, starchy, sweet, salty, spicy. This does not mean that one should eat oatmeal. This means that you can have everything you want, but in reasonable quantities. And the more the diet is fruit, the better.