You will need
  • Program 1C:Enterprise 8.2 enterprise Accounting version 2.0
To generate the reconciliation report in the 1C:Enterprise 8.2 can, if you go to the tab "purchase" or "sale" which is on the pane.
Will otroetsya a registry of all generated and recorded intercompany reconciliation. You must click "add". This opens the document ""the Act of reconciliation of mutual settlements: New". Here it is necessary to fill the document data:
- The number of the reconciliation act set is not necessary, the program installs it automatically during the recording of the document;
- The date of the document in the program is placed automatically if you need to create a reconciliation report with another number, click the calendar next to the date and select the desired. Or enter the date manually with the keyboard;
- Specify the period for which you need to generate the act of reconciliation of mutual settlements;
- In the field "organization" is your organization. This field is mandatory;
- In the field "contractor" you must specify a business partner with which you want to verify the calculations;
- In the field "contract" it is necessary to choose the contract with the counterparty that you want to verify the payment
- To indicate the currency of settlement
Open the tab "according to the organization" and click on the button "fill" , then "fill in according to accounting".
Click on the "act of reconciliation" in the lower right corner of the document. A dialog box appears with the question: "the Document was modified. To print it you want to record. Record?" reply "OK". Opens prepared to print the reconciliation report. To print it click on the "print" button in the upper left corner of the document. Or click "file" then "print".

You can then click on the "OK" button in the bottom right corner and exit the document. After that the document will be saved in the registry of acts of reconciliation. If necessary, it is possible to delete, modify or re-print.