The report can be accessed from the menu "Reports" - "Specialized" - "the Act of verification of calculations." Then use the tab "Options verification". Here it is necessary to install the main parameters of the verification of calculations:- the counterparty with whom the reconciliation is carried out;- the period of reconciliation; accounts that are subject to a reconciliation – in this list you need to select the account whose data are subject to reconciliation;- reconciliation with the counterparty may be performed on a particular contract or in General.
After configured all the necessary settings, click "Fill" to automatically fill the table of operations.
The act of reconciliation in 1C requires in the column of "Content of operation" filling in brief the substance of the transaction date, amount in foreign currency (if settlement is made in foreign currency). In the column "Document" is reflected in the document, which is located in accounting, enterprise. In the column "Debit" is the amount posted to the debit of current accounts. In the column "Credit" the amount that has been posted to the credit accounts. After the table is filled automatically, on the Settings tab verificationPOPs up the message about debt settlement by the end of the period of reconciliation.
In practice, a situation may arise when the act of reconciliation of mutual settlements 1C requires correction of data, which were obtained by automatic. Also you may find that a document is not held in the account or does not hit the table, although there. Within the programme there are many opportunities for change created by the entry table by clicking the button "Edit".
Also before you print the act on the tab of the Person signing the act should enter some data:- date and place of signing;- the person who signs the act of the counterparty;- the employee who signed the act of the organization. After pressing the button "print" creates a printed form of the act of reconciliation. The form is filled in by default with the organization. To do an act of reconciliation with 1C in this way is very convenient if you do not know the original data.