Make of men's shirts lovely women's tunic. To do this, just cut from her top. Make a cut on the chest immediately under the armpits. Then sew the top wide — about five cm satin ribbon of contrasting color. Tips it should be much longer than the edges of the shirt. Now put on your buttoned shirt, ribbon cross on the neck and tie in back. Tunic dress ready.
Create male shirt skirt. To do this, cut the top to about the sleeves. Treat edge — pull up and hem. Put your shirt on your hips, lock her sleeves. They will perform the role of a belt. The original skirt is ready.
Cut off the sleeves and slightly deepen armhole of the shirt. Slightly gather the back and fasten in the middle with a small ribbon. The bottom edge of the shirt pull up, insert the rubber band. So you have a fancy summer blouse.
Redo several men's shirts in a new item of women's wardrobe. This will take two or three shirts. The main thing that they contrasted sharply with each other. One make the base and cut in your opinion unnecessary elements. For example, one sleeve and half of the strap. From the rest cut out the relevant parts and sew them to the base. Would make a great contrasting piece.
Make from shirts pants. To do this, fight back the collar and pockets. Then the place of collar, sew. Flip the shirt upside down and turn the sleeves into leg opening. And the bottom tie a knot at the waist. Get custom clothes, which, moreover, is easy to manufacture.
Make a man's shirt into woman's blouse. Strut at the seams construct fitted the pattern. Put it on the fabric and cut. Updated stitch of the shirt and finish the edges. Can decorate the blouses of different elements: ribbons, sequins, stones etc. So the closet will appear elegant thing.
Refitted men's shirt for my pillow. This strut shirt, cut the large shelves. They need to make the "face" of the pillow case. One-way design fabric shirt from behind. Sew them together, make the clasp.