Now, when the clear distinction between the purely female and purely male article of clothing no representatives of the weaker sex pretty often borrow different things in men. In this list men's shirt, perhaps takes the first place. In any case, she male or female, to wear a shirt properly is an art. To master it, you need a sense of style. One of the most effective ways is to tie the shirt on the chest or at the waist. It will look a little sloppy or stressed strictly depends on the temperament and occasion, which is intended outfit. There are a few simple ways to effectively tie shirt.

The first way, classic

Shirt like this, in which we are accustomed to see her, appeared in England in the late 18th century. Care for this garment was required daily, assuming a considerable amount of time and money.

Buttoning your shirt three or four buttons, and the edges tie the knot just below the waist or at the waist. Especially well to complete the look with jeans or denim shorts, but will look great with denim skirt or pencil skirt. You can gently pull the shirt off the shoulder, giving the girl a little sexiness. In this case, the shirt can be any color or monochromatic. Would be very useful a scarf in the same hue or a bold print. Sleeves can be left down, buttoned at the cuffs or roll up - as you wish.

If this seems too blatant, you can use the second method.

The second way, the beach

A day at the beach worn over a leotard shirt you can just tie a knot at the waist. It's a great way for those who fear excessive burn in the sun. If under the shirt to wear a t-shirt or any top, matching shirt can be tied at the waist or stab with a brooch in the shape of a flower. Perfect for that shirt casual bright colors - from orange to sea green.

The third way, extravagant

There is no limit to imagination. No additional accessories like scissors, thread or needles, you can create a woman's dress from men's shirts. It will look unique like slim girls with boyish figures and feminine ladies with outstanding forms. Such improvisation will look equally wonder how a party of friends or on a formal event or a romantic date. There are many possible options.

One such dress collar forward. It's enough to button your shirt up the middle, putting it in such a way that the collar was on the neckline. Sleeve lock, wrapped as a belt around the waist. Depending on the desires and characteristics of the shape, the sleeves can be tied in different ways. Wide bright belt or a beautiful brooch would be a good addition to the outfit. In this case, as well as to visually enlarge the volume of the chest, the sleeves of the shirt tied on the chest in the form of a massive bow.

If you tie a bow on the back, you will get light charming sundress.

After similarly tied shirt on the waist, tying the sleeves in the front or side, you can get the original skirt. To do this, simply wrap the shirt at waist level so that the collar was at the back, and a number of buttons have been shifted slightly. This is necessary in order to fasten each of them in my loop, and after one or two. Then part of the shirt would be like a drooping fringe, forming a kind of skirt hem. Depending on the way the skirt can be of different lengths.

Independent of how you spend summer in the city or the sea, the shirt will become an essential element. Monochrome or color, combined with shorts or free trousers, it will look very stylish.

Another option - more conservative. Take the shirt's sleeves and wrapped themselves on her waist level so that the buttons were in the back, and the collar front. A little bit of skill and crossed the sleeves behind the back, tying in front at waist level bow. Simple and comfortable skirt ready.

Any of the following methods will help to look beautiful, and casually disheveled hair make the look more romantic.

So uncomplicated way you can diversify your summer wardrobe, as the shirt can be worn any time of the year and for different occasions. It can be cotton, calico or silk. With long or short sleeves or even without them. Well-chosen scarves and hats all styles, will create a bright image. All depends on the imagination, sense of style and shirts of appropriate size.