Not always loose, sandy soil is the ultimate dream. In the dry summer days the plant it often has to be watered. This land keeps bad moisture, quickly passing it to the internal layers.

The same thing is happening with nutrients in the form of fertilizers. They long are present near the roots of plants, and strive to penetrate deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth.

To improve the quality of sandy soils will help panowanie. Mark, where are the beds with vegetable crops. At each place the clay and spread it in a layer of 5-7 cm

Such soil is sold quite cheaply. He left after digging the Foundation, the well. If only sandy soil, get an 1 a truck full of this "good". Enough 5-7 cubes on a substantial garden area.

On top of the clay layer can already be put humus mixed with sand. It needs to be at least 25 cm, as for digging the clay ridge should remain in place. It will prevent withdrawal of moisture and nutrients.

The same applies to peat soils. They can improve the same way.


On a heavy soil, a good harvest should not wait. But such a soil is also possible to gradually Refine it.

The cheapest way to compost. So it does not spoil the view of a suburban area, take him to the secret place. It can be in the corner of the site, behind the barn.

To bring aesthetics in the process of pereprygivaya organic matter will help the iron barrel. Their age is not long. Many gardeners barrels for irrigation eventually start leaking. Do not discard the container.

Place it in a secluded area of the site, burying 20 cm into the ground. Paint the barrel, then it will look beautiful.

Put it grass clippings without seeds, tops of vegetables, except potato, cucumber, tomato, strawberry. As it is late in the season affected by diseases. This tops, weed seeds are burned and the ashes used as a great improver of the soil.

The barrel defines waste kitchen, WC production. Here you can put all the organics, which eventually will perepevat and turn into fertile soil.

Do not forget to tightly close the barrel lid and periodically sandwiching its contents to the ground. Special accelerators in the compost will help it to ferment faster.

You can improve the quality of the soil and on ridges. When the crop is harvested, dig in the middle of the ridge of the shallow trench. Fold here organic remains and bury them with the two sides of the earth. Occasionally watering these areas. Here, then like rain worms, which also contribute to the elevation of the soil.

To improve a heavy clay soil will help purchase the black soil, sand, humus. But these methods are more expensive.