Soil preparation in the garden

Before planting any plants a plot of land must be freed from rhizomes of perennial weeds: dandelion, sow Thistle, couch-grass. If planting is done in late summer or autumn, you first need to weed it. You can also use modern herbicides. For this purpose, suitable preparations "roundup", "ground". You should carefully read the instructions to the drug and treating the weeds in strict accordance thereto.

A few days later the plants begin to turn yellow and die, completely die weeds in 10-14 days. Then you need to fill the soil ready complete mineral fertilizer or sprinkle on the surface of the compost, ash, lime, depending on soil characteristics. Only after that dig site. Using this method of farming, horticulturist greatly facilitates the rooting of young plants.

Further actions depend on what crops will be planted on the site. When planting strawberries it is planned single, dual landing; for garden shrubs, trees and perennial flowers need to dig the planting hole, to fill with humus, peat and mineral fertilizer. Before planting hole, you can throw a strong solution of potassium permanganate to spend disinfection. This treatment killed the thrips, nematode and other pests.

How to prepare the soil for transplanting houseplants

In sale you can find a ready soil for indoor plants, but unfortunately, it is not always of sufficient quality, so it is best to prepare the ground alone. The best way of processing the soil for transplanting houseplants – freezing. To do this in the fall prepares the nutrient solution in soil adds humus, sawdust, minerals: chalk, ash, gypsum, ready fertilizer for flowers. After that, the soil is mixed and left in buckets or bags in the cold to freezing. Another way is to warm the earth in the oven, but it might not be popular, because the process of roasting the apartment covers a specific, not very pleasant smell.

Before replanting in prepared soil in pots should spill a solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate. On 5 liters of boiling water taken 3 gr. potassium permanganate or copper sulfate and the soil is abundantly poured out. After this it is necessary to cool the soil to room temperature and plants can be transplanted.