How to organize a surprise party: recommendations

Make sure that the time of the event was convenient for the birthday boy. If it is not going to change their daily routines on this day, you can surprise him with a surprise. In addition, such a party can be arranged as in the next weekend or a few days after my birthday.

Make sure that the birthday boy does not have any important plans in this and the following days (successfully organized event is capable of is not the best way affect its performance). To the organizer it is advisable to negotiate with the celebrant in advance of the meeting on the day of the event, "reserving" the time for a surprise.

Decide the cash amount you can spend on celebration. If you are going to cover the costs yourself, think carefully about all the possible costs. A good option is to share with other guests, the financing parties, if they agree to this proposal. Call potential candidates and with them make a budget.

Invite only those with whom the birthday boy enjoys friendly relations. Warn guests about the planned action in advance, at least a week before the event. During preparations for the surprise party important requirement is naistrozhayshee secrecy. Therefore, if you receive a direct mail invitation to guests, provide a separate item that the birthday boy knows about the future celebration. With the personal invitation also focuses special attention on this point. Don't forget: one inconsiderate guest, the birthday call with questions about the dress code or time spent, will bring all your efforts to nothing.

The surprise party the birthday does not necessarily have to be themed, but the original styling can give the holidays a special charm. There are many possible options subjects: party in the style of bollywood to a hot luau. If you decide to give preference to any subject, prepare a costume for the birthday boy! Otherwise it will feel in your everyday outfit is very out of place among the rarefied guests.

Organizing a surprise party, you can choose any format of the treats from the picnic and buffet to a Grand Banquet. Importantly, the festive menu includes the favorite dishes of the birthday. Also, don't forget about the spectacular and delicious cake, which will decorate the holiday table. Buy fireworks or candles for its enchanting flow.

The historical moment when the guests suddenly find the hero of the occasion with shouts of "Surprise!" and loud firecrackers, should not serve as the culmination of the holiday. If the birthday boy will spend the night in Dumas, than to take the intruders – consider that your venture failed. Consider well and plan the course of the evening, prepare activities and contests for everyone. Although the main special event needs to be the hero of the occasion, to lead the party leaves you.

A few words in conclusion

No matter how a good idea with the unexpected party, keep in mind that some people do not like surprises. If your friend prefers your own and pre-plan all your time to carefully choose the gifts, and also to organize leisure, it is unlikely he will be delighted with this holiday.

Most likely, the party will turn to him a burden, for you wasted time. If not, and your close people happy surprises, love funny pranks and all sorts of surprises - go for it!