Advice 1: What if Myrtle wilt and shed leaves

Myrtle is a very useful and attractive house plant. But among inexperienced gardeners because it can start to wither and drop leaves. This happens because the Myrtle is quite a demanding plant in home maintenance.
A blooming Myrtle

Care Mirt

Myrtle likes bright sunlight (thus direct sunlight should be not too much), cool fresh air, separated and filtered soft water and compliance with the seasonality of care.

So, in the summer the temperature should not exceed 23°; the necessary regular and plentiful watering and spraying, and this and that – be sure to soft water, fertilizing weekly (not lime). Make good Myrtle in the fresh air, thus eliminating the excess of direct sunlight. The setting on fresh air plant is prepared gradually.

In winter, the temperature should be 6-10C; watering is more rare than in the summer, but the earth com should not dry out. Spraying and fertilizing in the fall to mid-spring should be stopped. In winter ensure that the Mirt enough sunlight.

Place the pot of Myrtle better on the West or East side of the room. In summer, the South window it is necessary to protect the plant from midday sun. In the North window of Mirt may not get the sun in winter, and in summer, flowering will be weak.

Why Myrtle wilt and shed leaves

In winter, the Myrtle may lose leaves if the temperature near it exceeds 10 ° C, or failure to comply with the seasonality of watering, spraying and fertilizing. Myrtle may lose leaves if the soil dries out between waterings or Vice versa – the water stagnates in the drain pan. Wilted Myrtle may, when the abundant sunlight.

What if Myrtle wilt and shed leaves

In winter it is necessary to isolate the battery from the plants, the Myrtle, shall remain on the windowsill to get enough light. Next you need to put the pot of Myrtle in a mini-teplichku. It is good to make it to put on the edges of the pot spacers (sticks), put on a pot of transparent plastic bag and on the rim of the pot to secure it with a rubber band. Teplichku should be regularly aired. In March-April need to trim the branches, remaining naked.

If not complied with the conditions of irrigation – need to cut off shoots to half (in summer) and continue watering optimally. If in winter the plant is poured, to limit irrigation for some time, a little more than you need winter watering. Winter twigs can you not cut – in the spring they recover. You can spray the branches of the Myrtle and the soil with a solution of Alpin.

If the plant begins to fade, it is necessary to clean the place, protected from direct sunlight, often start to spray and adjust watering.

Advice 2: Why wither cyclamen

Cyclamen is one of the most popular house plants, loved by gardeners unusual shape of the blossoms and richness of the spectrum of colouring the petals. However, the flower came to Russia from the Mediterranean, capricious in care. Inexperienced growers are often faced with the fact that the cyclamen wilt, covered with spots and losing leaves, buds. This usually occurs due to improper care of a plant or disease.
Why wither cyclamen

To not wilted cyclamen: care rules

The main reason for the wilt of cyclamen is the wrong place, in which it is housed. This flower does not tolerate stuffy apartment with Central heating and bright sun. The plant normally grows and blooms at temperature not above +16оС not below +5oC, and likes filtered light. Set the cyclamen on the North, West or East window or bright, glassed-in loggia.

Often cyclamen wilt due to excess moisture, although like moist air. Install container with a flower on the tray with expanded clay, put it next to the dishes with clean water and wet peat. The plant must not be sprayed from the liquid that collects on leaves and tubers, it rots. For this reason, irrigation supply water should be careful in a thin stream through the walls of the pot, and after 3 h the excess from the sump to drain.
After transplanting and until the end of flowering cyclamen is recommended to feed 1 every 2 weeks fertilizer for flowering roses. You cannot use tools with a high content of nitrogen – it makes flowers resistant to disease.

During flowering cyclamen watered abundantly, and, when plants Bud, is rare. To faded the instance of the rest, its stalks are cut and the pot it is advisable to put in partial shade and coolness for a couple of months. In mid-summer the plant should be transplanted into a spacious container with drainage at the bottom, not buried tuber. Now, for active growth, cyclamen are again going to need abundant watering.

Diseases of cyclamen

The main problem of cyclamen – a fungal disease that primarily start due to waterlogged soil. Leaves patients flowers wither, starting at the top, and fade, often on one side of the plant. Upon detection of the first signs of yellowing must immediately remove the affected parts and to adjust watering and the conditions of detention of cyclamen. If the plant is beginning to rot and the roots emit an unpleasant odor, it will be difficult to save. You can try to remove the flower from the container, gently rinse the roots, cut off the rotten and treat with a fungicide. Then need a transplant cyclamen into a pot with steamed earth.

Yellowing and wilting of plants can cause a variety of pests. In order to prevent contamination of their production, should be every day carefully browse the leaves and before transplanting instances have to steamed soil. If the plant is discovered insects, the infected parts must be quickly cut off, and the land gently at the roots to water a pink solution of potassium permanganate.
When buying cyclamen, make sure the plant is healthy: the leaves are elastic, strong and not SAG. To flower prematurely withered, choose instances with not only big buds under the leaves, but with young - among the roots.

In addition, for the treatment of cyclamen from pests using drugs corresponding to a particular kind of insect. Not to be mistaken with a choice of poisons, always read the instructions on the packaging chemicals. For example, ticks do well "Agravity", "Bancol", "Closewith", "Akarin", "Oberon"; thrips – "Aktara, Konfidor", "Mospilan"; with mushroom gnats – "the Storm", "Mukhoyed", "Konfidor Extra". Proceed according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Usually in severe cases of cyclamen treatment was repeated after 3-5 days.

Advice 3: What to do if there is not enough air

Breathing is the most important action of human life. With the difficulty of this process is the difficulty of the work of other bodies. When a person feels shortness of breath under normal conditions, the reasons can be psychological or physiological factors.
What to do if there is not enough air

Shortness of breath

If you feel that you hard to breathe, the first thing you need to try to explain for themselves why this is happening. Symptom of of feeling of heavy breathing is shortness of breath. The reason for this may be insignificant to blood levels of oxygen. Brain centre responsible for breathing, makes breathing more often, causing shortness of breath. This disorder can be caused by migrated and congenital diseases.

When it is difficult to breathe

Shortness of breath occurs when disease of the internal organs. Improve breathing in this case, it will be through doctor and use them as recipes for local treatment of the disease, inhaler or oxygen therapy. You need to seek help in medical institutions with the aim of finding disease causing oxygen starvation.

If you have obvious difficulties with breath, most likely, to blame become diseases of the vascular system. If hard to exhale, the problems lie among the respiratory organs (asthma, for example).

If you feel difficult to inhale and exhale, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the "inner world" of the body. Some people are susceptible to panic attacks. This phenomenon stems from the obvious danger of life or self-psychological introduction of this state in the absence of reasons. In such cases, you should calm down, try to bring the breath to a normal rhythm, psychologically tune in a positive way and to find an explanation of the situation that caused the attack. Sometimes the movies show how the person is breathing in a paper bag. It helps, as it restores the carbon-oxygen balance. If time after time to deal with it alone not under force, it is necessary to resort to medical treatment.

Very often it's hard to breathe people who are overweight. Excessive weight is accompanied by shortness of breath. The increase in body size increases the length of blood vessels and veins, which help blood deliver oxygen to organs. The solution to this problem is to independently work on themselves. You will help change attitudes on diet, adherence, high mobility in the course of a day or even surgery to reduce fat.

The difficulty in getting air also is caused by obstruction of the airway. The most frequent question deviated nasal septum. This is only surgery. Weak physical training will make themselves felt with shortness of breath if you walk up several floors or in a hurry to catch up with city traffic. As a elimination of shortness of breath for this reason, you should start to exercise with low intensity.

The process of normal breathing can be difficult, if you live close to industrial areas of the city. Don't just settle for a small percentage of oxygen in the air, it is better to move.
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