Care Mirt

Myrtle likes bright sunlight (thus direct sunlight should be not too much), cool fresh air, separated and filtered soft water and compliance with the seasonality of care.

So, in the summer the temperature should not exceed 23°; the necessary regular and plentiful watering and spraying, and this and that – be sure to soft water, fertilizing weekly (not lime). Make good Myrtle in the fresh air, thus eliminating the excess of direct sunlight. The setting on fresh air plant is prepared gradually.

In winter, the temperature should be 6-10C; watering is more rare than in the summer, but the earth com should not dry out. Spraying and fertilizing in the fall to mid-spring should be stopped. In winter ensure that the Mirt enough sunlight.

Place the pot of Myrtle better on the West or East side of the room. In summer, the South window it is necessary to protect the plant from midday sun. In the North window of Mirt may not get the sun in winter, and in summer, flowering will be weak.

Why Myrtle wilt and shed leaves

In winter, the Myrtle may lose leaves if the temperature near it exceeds 10 ° C, or failure to comply with the seasonality of watering, spraying and fertilizing. Myrtle may lose leaves if the soil dries out between waterings or Vice versa – the water stagnates in the drain pan. Wilted Myrtle may, when the abundant sunlight.

What if Myrtle wilt and shed leaves

In winter it is necessary to isolate the battery from the plants, the Myrtle, shall remain on the windowsill to get enough light. Next you need to put the pot of Myrtle in a mini-teplichku. It is good to make it to put on the edges of the pot spacers (sticks), put on a pot of transparent plastic bag and on the rim of the pot to secure it with a rubber band. Teplichku should be regularly aired. In March-April need to trim the branches, remaining naked.

If not complied with the conditions of irrigation – need to cut off shoots to half (in summer) and continue watering optimally. If in winter the plant is poured, to limit irrigation for some time, a little more than you need winter watering. Winter twigs can you not cut – in the spring they recover. You can spray the branches of the Myrtle and the soil with a solution of Alpin.

If the plant begins to fade, it is necessary to clean the place, protected from direct sunlight, often start to spray and adjust watering.