Advice 1: How to determine sexual orientation

In order to determine sexual orientation, it is necessary to pay attention to such components as: lived experience, experiences and erotic fantasies. Analysis of the data characteristics, namely the attraction to a specific gender, will allow you to make the right conclusion about the orientation.
Homosexuality has become increasingly common
Erotic attraction is divided into three types: heterosexual orientation homosexual orientation bisexual orientation. Each type is distinguished attraction, desire and behavior to a particular gender or to both genders at the same time.

Conscious and subconscious nature of sexual desire

Modern psychology concurs that the focus is not only acquired, as for example, in cases when people took over the family experience and guidance of their parents, but innate.

The results of studies of homosexual prove that innate orientation that is biological in nature, in which genes and human hormones are involved as carriers of orientation.

In some such cases, the person who knows his attraction to persons of the same sex, trying to hide it, suppressing their desires. This behavior occurs due to various reasons, for example: rigorous upbringing, fear of social judgment, morals and principles, existing marital status and others.

In such a situation is not excluded that the man who discovered their true desires, becomes an ardent supporter of homophobic views. Latent homosexual, usually hide their preferences, but on a subconscious level, experiencing sexual arousal to people of the same sex.

Methods of determining sexual orientation

The most rapid methods of determining the orientation include: psychological testing - research orientation of the Respondent by his answers to the questions. At the same time, the lack of such psychological tests is the ability of the subconscious distortions of the person of result, and therefore the inaccuracy and unreliability of orientation in General.

In order to determine the orientation should answer the following questions:
- Please note which painting you are more attracted by naked men or naked women?
- What do you think causes the sexual contact with a partner of your own sex ?
If you notice an attraction to your same sex, what emotions were experienced?
- If you've had a sexual experience with the opposite sex, would you like to experience it again?
- How do you feel about homosexual people?
Have you ever had fantasies associated with persons of the same sex or both sexes at the same time?

If you are experiencing sexual interest in persons of the same sex or both sexes at the same time, you should experience same-sex intimate relationships. This way you will be able to compare their feelings towards a particular gender, and then draw conclusions about their orientation.

If you find it difficult to come to a conclusion about the orientation, it is recommended to seek the advice of a sexologist. On the basis of their professional experience specialist will help you to understand the problem.

It should be noted that any preferences, including sexual, is an issue concerning you personally and your partner. Only you can decide whom to love a man or a woman, and what links to create a long or single.

Advice 2: What is alternative sex

In every country, every culture has their own views on the tradition of sexual relations, and each pair has its own view on intimacy. Someone allows herself a looseness and experimentation, and someone shyly turns off the light. But the world still there are some standards that share what is happening in acceptable to the public and no.
What is alternative sex
Traditional relationships called what is not beyond the accepted framework. The same experiments of any kind are non-traditional. But each couple decides for themselves that can bring to life, what is or is not ready to commit. And the comfort of the participants and not the opinion of someone from the outside. Uniformity boring quickly, and people always start looking for something new.
Unconventional today is considered to be homosexual sex. Gays and lesbians exist, their existence cannot be denied, but in Russia they love will relate to the familiar. They prefer to see in the bed of the people of the same sex. Homosexuals do not as often demonstrate their preferences on the people, as this can cause the anger of others. They talk about their orientation in narrow circles, where it is not surprising. Close to them are bisexual, which excite all the people, they do not choose them on the floor. Acceptable to them of the intimate contacts with men and women.
Sex with objects can also be called unconventional. If to use food in sex people are already accustomed to, the lashes are still considered to be something specific. There are fetishes when in the game of love are heels, latex costumes, stockings, or any other things. Even when their object of admiration, a person can experience a huge pleasure, and it's still sex. Some get pleasure in causing someone pain or feeling that feeling.
Bondage is the bondage of man. Is the sexual practice. Usually the one wrapped with film, ropes or even rope, feels pleasure from the process. This emotion is very strong and deep. After the procedure or may be a regular sex, and some unconventional. But to decide on such a thing can not do everything, because you need the trust of your partner. This type of sex include and choking in the moment of coitus a girl or a man deprived of air for some time.
Sex with animals also from the category of non-traditional sex. Try it want a few. Often the kind of sex grown big dogs. Less often this action involves horses. There are clubs, where everyone can experience.
Also have sex with strangers, exchange partners, showing off my body and observing it — and all this can be called something unusual. But these facets of sexuality are present in the world, and thousands of people take in these games part.
Useful advice
Pay no attention to the opinions of others. Sex is the opportunity to Express themselves, open to sensuality, to have fun. And as it happens, nobody except the participants.
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