A simple solution is redevelopment, that is demolition of walls and overlapping the adjacent room with a kitchen, such a step is possible almost in any apartment. To carry at all or just a little to move the partition a few meters is technically very simple, you can contact the construction firm, which experts will do everything for you.

Kitchen get-togethers of the eighties gone, now the main condition of the kitchen is a great space, light and air. For example, take a typical 4-room apartment built in the seventies, in the panel house. The features of this apartment before reconstruction: a tiny room, a separate bathroom, a small corridor and hallway. To 6-meter dishes have to go through a narrow corridor, too much trouble – the room is divided into pieces. The only right decision, which can take the landlord to demolish or move one or more walls. In the end, you will get a large kitchen-dining room, which will be a wonderful decoration of your apartment.

The only disadvantage of such redevelopment would be less isolated room, which could serve as a bedroom or nursery. However, if your house has a couple bedrooms, then this problem will not affect you. Saving redevelopment visible crystals, for example don't need to buy for a second room TV or home theater.

If you made the kitchen a common part of the apartment, gets a new question – the separation of the working area from the recreation area. However, fresh solution is available on this task, you can use the so-called angular layout, or make a kitchen island. These solutions are suitable for people who love to cook. In this case, a huge plus is the availability of a separate living room.

Zoning combined kitchen and dining room, sometimes in the modern interior is necessary. To make the borders a number of ways, for example to change the level of the floor in transition, that is, to make a couple of steps leading from the kitchen to the dining room.