The transformation of the kitchen in the Studio

Living room with kitchenette – profitable Association and has its advantages: frees up the space, you can cook and simultaneously monitor the child, it is convenient to receive guests. The interior of living room with kitchen and dining room, you can create your own, without attracting specialists. Developing a Studio project, consider the functionality of the rooms. To correct accents, you need a creative approach.

If you have a kitchen of 20 square meters, then convert it to a Studio is not difficult. Easiest option is to arrange the room in the same style:

−furniture and appliances are arranged in one line or l-shape;
−apply visual effects of expansion room.

This area will easily fit in kitchen appliances, countertop, wall lockers. In the center of the room stand a large dining table. Add TV or home theater system, sofa, and kitchen ready. Major difficulties in the organization of such a design, but there are limitations:

in the interior is unacceptable to combine colors;
−it is not recommended to zone the room;
−given the size of the room and the aggressive kitchen environment, the upholstery should be easy to clean.

How to combine kitchen and living room

Decided to combine a small living room with small kitchen and got a room in 20 sq. m – this option has great design possibilities. Saving square meters to accommodate all the necessary, you can use different architectural techniques:

−The first zone to separate different flooring. In the kitchen, lay floor tiles, and in the area of dining-living room to lay laminate.
Second – different walls, the combination of textures and color of finishing materials. But remember, colors should be combined. It may be different shades of the same color.
Third to use in the kitchen and living zones of different saturation of the lighting.
Fourth – minimalist interior. It is impossible to oversaturate the room with details.

Be very handy mirrors from floor to ceiling, they create the visual effect of expanded space. As a separator use a bar rack or narrow fish tank, it will enliven the interior.

Before for the sake of fashion to combine the living room with kitchen, consider all the nuances of this option. It may happen that the pots and ladles will not fit into the design of the living room, and kitchen smells will tire and will cause regret on the demolished wall.