Going for a puppy, you have probably already decided what you need a dog. Nature does not always depend on the breed. In the same litter are born completely different puppies. Look at each of them. If you purchase future guard, the puppy should be lively, spirited and strong. A calm and slow the puppy for walks, but not for hunting. Moreover, too little puppy can have some kind of congenital disease.
The ideal age for sale puppy is 1.5 months. Before this age the puppy isn't fully-formed psyche, and in the future it may be bad for his character. The puppy is older than 3 months is not the best choice, because by this age the dog has formed a lot of habits from which it will be hard to wean and rehabilitate. The dog show, on the contrary, it is recommended to choose 3 months. The older the puppy, the more noticeable it family exterior. Because all kids like by purchasing a very small puppy, you risk to be disappointed later. Immediately you might not notice that the puppy does not look like a "dad" with photos, and the "neighbor" with a gate. But as they say, "it has grown, it has increased." If you have suffered such a disappointment, do not give up the dog because regardless of the breed, he will love you and respect.
A healthy puppy is shiny and smooth coat. Eyes puppy glisten and the corners should not be purulent accumulations. The nose should be moist and cool and the ears are clean and odourless. The stomach should not be swollen and painful to the touch. A healthy dog is active, takes part in all the games, not sit on the sidelines; he has a great appetite.
Guide puppym small tests. For example, sharply pull them a hand. One who is not afraid to approach, is the most courageous. Or drop a toy they haven't seen before. The toy should not be too large and noisy, and you risk to scare away puppies. The puppy who won't run away, and are interested in the subject - a real daredevil.
If the puppy greets you with "open arms", this is not good. When the baby grows up, his character can remain the same, friendly and affectionate. But the downside is that to meet it can not only you but also any passerby, whether friend or foe. If you are not afraid - take this puppy. In his "face" you will get a faithful and good friend.