Tax when selling an apartment

Sale for the citizen, it owns on the rights of the owner, can bring not only profit, but also the very significant costs associated with the need to pay tax on the income. Payments when the real estate reglamentary article 220 of the RF Tax Code. In the case when the apartment has been in your ownership less than three years, the sum from its sale will be related to your income tax rate is 13%. For non-residents, the tax amount will be 30%.

However, subject to tax not the whole amount, but only the difference between the cost of the apartment specified in the contract of purchase and sale, and 1 million rubles. In that case, when you sold for 1 million rubles or less tax on income you do not have to pay. Don't have to pay personal income tax in the case when the apartment has been in your property more than 3 years, regardless of the amount for which you sold it.

You should note that in the case where you owned an apartment less than 3 years taxable net income. So, if the apartment you gave or you got her inheritance, she went to you, in fact, a gift. In this case, the selling price will be your net income. When the purchased and you have the appropriate documents confirming the purchase price you can subtract it from the amount that was rescued from the resale of the apartment. This difference will be net income which, after deduction of 1 million rubles, you have to pay 13% to the state Treasury.

Tax when buying an apartment

From 1 January 2014 entered into force the Federal law № 212-FZ dated 23.07.2013 that changed the procedure for obtaining a tax deduction when buying an apartment. You have the right to receive a tax deduction for personal income tax with the purchase amount of 2 million rubles – will be 260 thousand rubles. But now to return income tax you can with the amount of the purchase 2 million rubles in multiple housing facilities. So, if you bought two apartments after January 1, 2014 – the first 1.5 million rubles, the second – 2 million rubles for the first, you are entitled to a tax deduction 195 thousand rubles, and for the second – only on the remaining 500 thousand you will get a return of 65 thousand rubles.

But now you, as the landlord, will have to pay an annual tax on property, which is measured in inventory assessment BTI as of January 1 of each year. Tax rate progressive. If the apartment is priced BTI to 300 thousand rubles, pay should be up to 0.1 %, the cost estimates from 300 to 500 thousand rubles increases the rate of property tax from 0.1 to 0.3 %, and in the case where the estimated value was more than 500 thousand rubles, the tax rate is from 0.3 to 2.0 %.