Insurance car or other vehicle on the hull assumes compensation of damage to or loss of property in consequence of the damage, theft or hijacking. Unlike ASANO rates for comprehensive insurance are not regulated by government, and therefore the cost of the policy every insurance company is different. Hull insurance is expensive, calculate the cost of a policy is possible in two ways: either from the cost of the vehicle (defined as a percentage and applied to cars from showrooms), or by the condition of the vehicle (as determined by an expert after inspecting the car, and after determining the type of operation, storage, presence of such security devices as alarms, interlocks, etc.)

Obviously, in the case of an insured event, the insurance company is obliged to reimburse the costs of the insurer to repair the vehicle or its residual value in case of theft or embezzlement.

Insured event: an accident

In case you have an accident the vehicle insured under the hull, you need to collect the most complete set of documents, and perform all the actions on commit of the insured event. So, you need to call on the scene of an accident emergency Commissioner, which is you make a diagram of the accident and provide you act. Sometimes the document suggest to arrive a day later – this is normal. Even if the accident is minor and the current legislation allows not to call DPS – don't neglect them, otherwise you risk being left without insurance reimbursement.

Call DPS. The police officer is obliged to make the scheme of road accident, to take explanations from drivers, and then handed out to the participants the schema and protocols, to offer to go for clearance. Be sure to take photos of the accident scene, a car picture party and also clear copies of diagrams and protocols.

When considering the circumstances of the accident to the duty of the DPS will be installed is the culprit, then in the hands of the participants are given a certificate about the accident and a Protocol on violation of Administrative code. If it was done a medical examination, be sure to take a certified copy of the deed.

With the collected documents go to your insurance company, where the Manager on the day of treatment is required to form a paymaster business, a surveyor to inspect and photograph the car. After all procedures you will be given a prescription for a HUNDRED and calculate the amount payable. This amount can be transferred to the service for the work and materials.

Insurance event: theft

In the event of theft of transport need not to go to the traffic police and the police where the Commissioner accepts a statement about the theft, and you will be given a ticket kusp – card registration offense. This ticket can serve as a basis for appeal to the insurance but not the basis for the formation of settlements.

Within a couple of days you will be invited to the investigator, and will start the long procedure of confiscation of explanation, witness interviews and other investigative actions, in this case you will be given a document confirming the fact of theft.

After an average of two months you will be in the hands of a complete package of documents and you need to go to an insurance, where you have again and perhaps repeatedly, to tell the story, stealing cars, and also to convince managers that the documents in the cabin was not, and the car was equipped with all those listed in the policy.

Another month and your account will be the sum insured, of course, if insurance will not suspect you staging or find other way to refuse payment.