Where are the stretch marks

Stretch marks, they are also scientifically stretch marks is unsightly scars on the skin that marred the lives of millions of women across the globe. They appear after pregnancy or massive weight loss. Basically stretch marks are localized on the thighs, chest or stomach. To get rid of them is difficult, but possible.

Best creams against stretch marks

Before purchasing a cream for stretch marks, you must carefully examine its composition. The most effective creams can be considered those that contain retinoids, peptides, salicylic acid, elastin and alpha-hydroxide acids (AHA). These components competently strengthen and mend" antoniusbuche the skin. So, retinoids encourage skin renewal. They act as a natural peeling. However, if you are breast-feeding, from creams with retinoids is better to abstain.

Salicylic acid excellent protein destroys, removes dead skin cells from the skin and makes stretch marks less pronounced. AHA have similar exfoliating effect. These components in the cream also rids the skin of dead skin cells, stimulating its renewal.

Relastin will help restore damaged skin tissues. Peptides will increase the skin tone.

If the cream against stretch marks there are no such ingredients, its effectiveness will be extremely low, if at all. Creams, of course, the end will not remove unsightly stretch marks, but it certainly will help to make them less noticeable. Especially if you use cream immediately after the occurrence of stretch marks.

How to get rid of stretch marks

However, you should not rely on creams, even with the exorbitant price tags. To get rid of stretch marks permanently, in addition to using creams, you need to increase physical activity. In particular, practice walking, running or swimming.

It will be useful to adjust the menu to exclude acute, smoked and salted. It is also necessary to reduce the sweet food treats to a minimum.

It is not necessary to write off achievements of cosmetology. Stretch will relieve laser resurfacing and chemical peels. This is a costly procedure, but without them in the fight against stretch marks will be difficult.