First, determine the overall tone of their Breasts. To do this, take a pencil and put it under the chest. In that case, if the pencil falls, you can assume that you have the problem of sagging Breasts. Next, check that you're not over the size of the upper part of the breast to the nipple 1/3 of the total size of the breast. If Yes, it also speaks about the sagging.
Understand the causes of sagging Breasts. First and foremost, this may be incorrectly selected bra. If it is too cramped for you, it slows down blood circulation, and hence, the tone of muscles and skin. If it is too large, it simply does not properly support the Breasts and this leads to its sagging.
Just watch your posture. Bad posture is also reduces the muscle tone. If you are too long in the sun or often visit a Solarium, keep in mind that the ultraviolet rays ages your skin, eventually the skin of the breast looks too flabby.If you quickly lose weight or gain weight, it's likely you'll have stretch marks and flabby skin. Also, the Breasts SAG quite strongly, while breastfeeding.
Start to take special water treatment. First of all, it's a cold shower. It will improve blood circulation and improve skin tone.
Wipe the skin of the breast and higher up to the neck with a piece of ice every day. It's too bad tightens the skin.
Pour into a spray bottle of cool water and add a few drops of chamomile. Sprinkle the Breasts in the morning.
Spend wiping. To do this, soak a towel in water of temperature about 20 degrees and wipe the chest in a circular motion. The next day, reduce temperature of water one degree and repeat the procedure. Thus, bring the water temperature up to 13-14 degrees.
Use firming creams and gels. Apply them on the area of the breast – they enhance the effect of other treatments.
Sign up for a massage course. Massage will nicely tighten the skin and improve muscle tone.
Massage can be done independently. To do this, first massage the Breasts in a circular motion clockwise. Then begin to pound. Make up from the nipple movement, like when you saw wood. Grasp the chest with one hand, and the other is easy to Pat on it. Finish the massage stroking.Remember that to help to solve this problem only using complex measures, and from time to time, and systematically. Good luck to you, be beautiful!