You will need
  • - tomato seeds;
  • - food film;
  • - boxes or flower pots.
Tomatoes come in many varieties, some of them grow over 1 meter tall, others short. If you want to grow tomatoes at home, choose low-growing varieties up to 40 cm
Sow the seeds in boxes or flower pots (if you grow them at home). Good landing pour warm water and cover with clingfilm. Tomatoes germinate quickly, so the first shoots you will see in 3-5 days.
Seedlings need to be thinned as soon as she's a little older. To do this when the seedlings are still quite small is not recommended, as it is necessary to make selection and leave only the strongest. If you planted seeds at a great distance from each other to thin out their need not. When grown in pots it is necessary to leave only one plant, otherwise they will interfere with each other to grow normally.
Don't forget to periodically loosen and water the plants, and in flowering period pollinate tomatoes "ovary". Fertilize tomatoes is also needed. To do this, purchase any fertilizer complex, but before using it, read the instructions on the package. Often not need to fertilize enough to do it only 1 time per 2-3 weeks.
If you grow tall tomatoes, be sure to place the pegs, otherwise the stems Laden with fruit breaks. Low-growing varieties, especially those that grow at home, tie is not necessary.
Cherry can't pasynkovat. But if the plant gets too branchy, cut off the unneeded branches. The shoots grow between this leaf and the stem. Do not cut the main leaves, tomatoes will not bear fruit or even start to hurt.
A few months after landing on the plant will begin to tie the fruits. Mature cherry is very fast, and fruits in a Bush about 6 months. Collect the fruits as they Mature. If you properly care for the plant, it will delight you with an abundant harvest.