You will need
  • - tomato seeds;
  • plastic translucent cups;
  • - the ground;
  • - plastic film;
  • - one large pot or several medium.
Find the place on a windowsill or balcony where you will put pots with tomatoes. This must be the place, well covered, where exposed to direct sun rays, on the South side of the apartment. Provide additional sources, install there fluorescent lights.
Depending on what you are going to grow plants, choose the seeds. For small flower pots buy seeds dwarf tomato. For growing in a large volume of soil will fit tall varieties with large fruits.
Grow the seedlings, using transparent plastic cups in which it is possible to control the degree of irrigation. This is necessary to ensure that the roots of the seedlings don't rot. Pour into a glass primer, loosely tamp it, and pour boiling water. When the ground has cooled, make a deepening and place the seed. To insure that in one glass you can plant a few seeds, three or four pieces. Then you will have the opportunity to leave the strongest germs.
Place the cups on top of the refrigerator where the temperature is about 25 degrees, cover them with plastic wrap and after the first germs transfer onto the windowsill. Provide enough light so the seedlings don't stretch and sprouts was strong. Water them only after the top layer of soil dries out, be careful that water does not accumulate at the bottom of the cups. For irrigation use warm water, pouring it between the ground and the wall of glass with a pear or a large syringe without the needle. In a month, stronger seedlings will be transplanted into pots.
Periodically do a side-shoot removing – remove shoots developing in the axils of the branches. They must not be cut, to break off by hand. Leave on each hive one by one "stepson", located under the first inflorescence of the brush. You will form a Bush in the two stems that the growth must tie to the stuck in the ground pegs.
Temperature growing tomatoes – just above 25 degrees during the day and not below 15 degrees at night. Adjusting the temperature can be draft, tomatoes, he's not scary. After watering be sure to ventilate the room a couple of hours to avoid excessive humidity during the flowering plants. Watering no more than twice a week, but do not fill the soil, it should only be damp. Once in half-two weeks feed the plants with mineral and organic fertilizers. Gives good results spraying the leaves with a nutrient solution.
Specially to pollinate tomatoes, several times a day, lightly tap on the stem, shaking the blooming brush. When the main part of the fruit formed, remove the top of the plant and other flowers, to the fruits are fully developed and they have enough nutrients.