The exposure

As soon as you realize you are being manipulated, the provocateur will not have any power over you. Listen to your inner feelings. If after communication with a particular person you feel very uncomfortable, you need to understand what's going on here.

Perhaps this individual tries to put in your head some ideas, make you think differently. When having a conversation with someone you dramatically change their own point of view, stop and think whether it is really your thoughts.

Brainwashing can happen at work, at home and even with friends. People who adhere to their own principles, not easy to part with your opinion. It is therefore important to have a clear stance and to think critically and not take for granted the words of others.

Especially attentively it is necessary to be closed, insincere people. Trust your own intuition. If the individual you are feeling the stress, perhaps his thoughts concerning you are unclean.


Before acting under the impression from talking with others, think about it, if you need it. Maybe you're a puppet in the hands of others. The best answer to agent provocateur, which with your help is trying to achieve their own goals – blooded phrase that you took his words under advisement.

If you are trying to control, try to take the initiative in their own hands. When the individual you campaigning for something, you will cover him with questions. Be present dull, arrange questioning all the details. Perhaps after that the manipulator will decide to find a more gullible, pliable victim.

As you can see, depending on the situation, your reaction can be either indifference or excessive interest in detail and suspicion. If you can see exactly what the person is trying to use you, you can use the third way of dealing with provocateurs.

Do something you don't expect. Show unexpected reactions and see how it will perceive the manipulator. Most likely, realizing that his plans had failed, and before him either minded people, or die hard, your opponent will not be able to hide their disappointment and anger.


Some people are almost consciously influenced. Here's their low self-esteem. Such a person is not confident and depends on the opinions of others more than on their own.

This individual will be difficult to defend against provocations. Insecure, weak people often become victims of shrewd manipulators. In this case you should start working on yourself to feel more stable and to trust yourself, and after to interact effectively with others.