Pasta and pesto is one of the most popular combination in Italian cuisine. Classic pesto is able to transform the simplest tube in the divine Penne dish with fragrant Basil and garlic, in a delicate coating of grated cheese and olive oil with a spicy touch of pine nuts. Well as pasta mixes all other types of pesto as on the basis of other herbs, such as parsley, spinach or mint and all varieties of red, of sun-dried tomatoes. Pesto seasoned are usually short and hollow pasta, such as Penne, fusilli or rigatoni, approaches him and curly pasta – Farfalle, conchiglie, caserecce. Pesto goes well with vegetable, fish and meat additives to the paste. Fit it to different ravioli and tortellini.
The classic is to use pesto as a layer between the basis for the pizza and fillings. This pizza, unlike the usual, generously seasoned tomato sauce, is called "green." As a fragrant, spicy sauce, pesto perfectly suited to grilled meat and fish. Often in Italy the pesto is used as a paste that is spread on bread. In principle, these sandwiches are quite self-sufficient, but you can also put a slice of cheese, ham, pancetta, fresh tomatoes. Also pesto, baguette and other ingredients can make a delicious sandwich.
Pesto can be a great marinade for chicken, fish, and shrimp. It is especially well suited to salmon. Creamy soups are perfectly combined with pesto, only one teaspoon on the plate to make the taste more spicy. Pestle perfect for soups from potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers.
Pesto, put in the dough, can make the usual cakes unusual. Put pesto in bread, butter savoury scones, add to batter for cakes eateries.
Add pesto to mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs, vegetable stew, stewed beans, to obtain new, unusual taste of familiar dishes. Health food lovers will certainly appreciate the combination of pesto and a couple of boiled vegetables – cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, carrots.
If a little "dilute" the pesto with olive oil, having a more liquid sauce, they can fill a variety of fresh salads. Thick pesto served with a salad bar of chopped carrots, celery and other hard fresh vegetables that are eaten raw.