You will need
  • - the appliance;
  • cream "EMLA";
  • spray "carmolis";
  • - lidocaine.
Especially painful is the first hair removal. This is due to the fact that the skin has not had time to get used to the tests. With time the hairs will grow back thinner and sparse, hence, the process of removing unwanted vegetation will be less painful.
To make hair removal painless, rasparte skin. Take a hot shower or bath. It is useful to wipe the skin with a loofah. From the high temperature water will expand the pores, allowing hairs to be removed much easier, and as a result, you will not feel strong pain. Just remember before starting the process, wipe the skin dry.
For anybody not a secret that the female body works in cycles, and therefore the sensitivity in different days is very different. Hair removal is recommended in the first days after menstruation, when the sensitivity to pain is minimal. To do it for three days before or during ovulation, which falls in the middle of a cycle, is not recommended. The hair removal process these days will be very painful.
To facilitate hair removal you can use different attachments, comes bundled with the device. It can be a massage or a cooling nozzle. Last reduce painful sensations due to the low temperature. They represent a container of water, which is placed in the freezer before use. Massage facilitate the process at the expense of the nerve endings, disrupting the transmission of pain signals. You can also use the nozzle from thinned disks which simultaneously pulls less hair making hair removal less painful.
To numb the pain of hair removal using special tools, such as the cream "EMLA" or spray "carmolis". Apply it on the skin in the area of removal of vegetation, wait some time, as indicated in the instructions for use of a means, then you can proceed to hair removal. To enhance the effect of the cream used, the treated area of skin, cover with cling film.