Why grow hair?

Sugaring or sugar hair removal is able to get rid of unwanted hair for 2-3 weeks, then the procedure must be repeated.

Ingrown hairs, primarily due to the characteristics of the skin. With increased density of the skin is weakened, the hair is not able to break through the layer of the epithelium, resulting in forced to curl under the skin.

For ingrown hairs affects the injury of the hair bags. This leads to change the direction of growth.

If the hairs break off underneath the top layer of skin, and the root is not removed in a few days the process of trying to grow. By this time, the skin forms a fairly thick layer.
Sugaring or sugar waxing is a method of removing hair, in which ingrown hairs rare.

Prevention of ingrown hairs

After sugar hair removal skin is smooth and beautiful, you need to:
- before the procedure, take a shower using exfoliating products;
- after hair removal to lubricate the area of impact sugar paste special assets or chlorhexidine;
- regularly remove dead skin cells with a scrub that allows you to lift the hairs;
after shugaring bikini should not be worn too tight and synthetic underwear;
- apply skin moisturizing cream and oil to soften the skin;
- be sure to remove the vegetation along the direction of hair growth.
Chaotic hair removal can cause ingrown hairs.

If the hairs are rooted, you need to find ways for their careful removal. Immediately after the discovery of the problem to steam the skin in hot water, rubbing hard with a loofah by using a scrub with large particles. To open sores did not get disease-causing germs and bacteria, you should disinfect the skin.

Individual hairs can be removed with tweezers or a sharp needle. Gently pull hair from the root, and then lubricate anti-inflammatory agent.

Removal of ingrown hairs, apply lotion salt: dissolve 2 tbsp of salt in glass of warm water. Moistened cloth applied to problem areas of the skin, after which the hairs can break through the layer of epithelium.

To get rid of ingrown hair aspirin mask: mix 4 aspirin, 1 tsp honey, ½ tsp of water. The resulting mush apply on skin for 20 minutes. This tool helps to eliminate dead cells, soften the skin, prevent inflammatory process.