Write to the future joke on paper or in a text editor in the form of a short story from basic sentences. Avoid dangling participles, participles and gerunds. Use adjectives to a minimum. Count the number of characters in each sentence. There should be no more than 140. Each offer must be higher voltage and injection than previous, and the last joke should be disclosed in an unexpected finale.
As techniques of humor use violations of the logic of paradox, giving hyperbolic or hypermelanistic sizes each subject. Try not to smudge the joke on a page and a half, to fit in one or two paragraphs first, it is cheaper (less SMS send), and secondly, a lengthy joke is not so spectacular. And all available means of humor in one story you won't use.
Send one offer to SMS every 10-30 minutes. Wait for the reaction after the last SMS-Ki. Most likely, laugh of the guy you manage.