You will need
  • - the certificate on registration (registration),
  • - original and copies of birth certificates, about marriage, about divorce (if any),
  • - birth certificate of the child to 16 years (when available)
  • - 2-3 photos of size 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • - 34 hryvnia.
Contact the housing office at their place of residence to obtain certificate of registration (registration). The form of this certificate is the passport guy.
If the passport was stolen as soon as possible write a statement to the police. This will reduce to zero the probability that on a stolen passport somebody gets a loan will register a bogus company, etc. will Receive from the police an extract from the criminal proceedings opened on the fact of theft of passport and other property. It will need to obtain a new passport. Also, place information in the paper about loss of passport.
Come to the reception Department of the State migration service (formerly the passport office) for their place of residence for obtaining a new passport. Fill in the following documents:

the statement about loss of passport describing the circumstances under which it happened;
- application for issuance of new passport of the citizen of Ukraine.
In addition, to obtain a new passport will need:

- 2 or 3 (depending on situation) photos;
- originals and copies of birth certificates, marriage or divorce (if any);
- original and copy of birth certificate of children under 16 (if any);
- the certificate on registration (registration);
- Bank receipt about payment of state duty for issuance of a new passport (34 hryvnia).
If the passport was stolen please provide further assurances of police a copy of the extract from the criminal trial.
Simultaneously with the filing of documents for obtaining a new passport, write a statement of results provisional ID. After obtaining a passport surrender certificate to the Department of state migration service. Getting a new passport, verify that it is stamped mark with regards to registration at the place of residence, marital status, presence of minor children.