What should be the "normal" guy?

As you know, everyone is different. They have different personalities, life experience and level of education, habits, tastes, interests and Hobbies. Also the selection criteria of a "normal" guy can be quite different. However, there are universal values and moral qualities that should be inherent in each is kindness, responsiveness, decency, honesty, reliability, responsibility, courtesy, tact sincere, hard work. It is desirable that a "normal guy" possessed all of these qualities. It does not really matter, he is a student of a prestigious University or works in a factory, he came from a wealthy or an ordinary "average" family. In the end, money and career will come with time, and spiritual qualities can not buy for any money.

Of course, there are no perfect people and not so easy to meet a Prince on a white horse, but any person can be advantages that compensate for individual shortcomings and make it attractive.

Of course, at first glance not so easy to determine honest man or a scoundrel. Therefore, a casual acquaintance on the street, in a club or on the Internet is still not too suitable for searching a normal guy. The guys with the disco are often looking for a girlfriend for one night on the Internet, there is always the risk of running into a maniac or a banal fraud, attributing non-existent virtues. And the street, as they say, is full of surprises...

Place to find the good guys

Maybe you need to look not "normal", and just a good guy? This, on which you can rely, with whom you can live life, raise children, work together to meet the arrival of old age... Look for it, perhaps, in those places where it is possible to have long term relationships, to constantly communicate with the man, study his nature, habits and interests. Such places can become work or school (College, University, driving school, computer courses, etc.). You can meet with friends or relatives, girlfriends and friends, which will be an opportunity for some time to observe before you begin a serious relationship. And yet – it often happens that people meet and get acquainted unexpectedly fall in love with each other, and then live happily all my life. And as it happens – nobody knows, as there is no ready-made recipes for happiness. So sometimes you can find a normal guy, not trying to find him.