According to statistics, most couples are introduced through friends or relatives. Therefore, immediately send texts or personal messages to my entire contact list with a request to arrange you a blind date with a person you don't know yet. You may respond to such a request not all, but some of her friends will find a neighbor, a classmate or a classmate, and older brother, who also wanted to meet you. Share with him by phone and ask to meet that evening. Who knows, maybe you will begin to communicate with the person who will be the most expensive in the world. Or at least ask him to accompany you somewhere as your guy.
Take to ensure the best girlfriend and go to the place where you will be provided with increased male attention. At the disco, night club, bar, concert in the Park where the skaters hang out or the people, Yes, even on the training area if you have a dog. Will also fit auto parts, building materials and other "male" point. Feel free to start a conversation with any guy first: today is the fact that the girl takes the initiative, is no surprise. And remember, it will be easier to meet and build relationships, if you have common interests, for example, love of motorcycles, rock music, or animals.
It used to be that sitting at home, the guy does not find. But everything changed with the arrival into our lives of the Internet and online Dating sites. Now you can pick up a companion, from your sofa and just clicking the mouse. Sign up on the most popular sites to find a mate, fill in the form and place your photos. Now I can wait for you in the mailbox will fall letters from gentlemen or look for these knights on their own. However, such Dating need to be careful: there is always the risk of inadequate personalities, so close communication is better not to hurry.