Constantly work on yourself. It is obvious that worthy man need an appropriate woman. Expand your horizons, grow professionally, build a career. You have to be interesting, independent and self-sufficient person. In this case you will be attracted to the same partners.
Try to always look perfect. One may argue that appearance is not important. However, men still continue to pay attention to beauty, and consider her one of the female virtues. Grooming, femininity, individuality of style is of the quality that is available to any girl regardless of her complexion and natural data. It does not allow vulgarity in their own way: neckline, bright makeup and a mini skirt, of course, accelerate the search for the men. However, it is unlikely you will enjoy both the candidates themselves and their proposed relationships.
Define for yourself what kind of man you need. The concept of "worthy" you can invest honor, kindness and thrift, or career success and viability. Mentally "draw" the image of your choice. Imagine what he's doing, what surrounds it and how you spend time together. This exercise will not only help you to understand whether you yourself are a man, but will set your subconscious on a search.
Try to build your life so that as often as possible to rotate in an environment familiar to your potential partner. Of course, meeting with a worthy man may occur and at the cash Desk of supermarkets. But there are a lot of places a typical pastime for men. This can be a fitness club, a car dealership, a ski resort. Chances to meet a worthy partner, if you work in a field where many men of the appropriate level.